• snack recipes, snack recipes, chocolate truffle dessert recipe, Chocolate

    Chocolate truffle dessert recipe 04 May 2016

    Easy and delicious dessert. No expertise in preparing it, just need to follow the below steps. Serves: 6 Ingredients - 250g dark chocolate, broken into small pieces- 400ml thick cream- 250g ready-made custard- 2 tbsp sifted cocoa powder- Creme fraiche,...

    Keywords: Chocolate truffle dessert recipe, dessert recipes, dessert recipes, dessert recipes

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    DIY Chocolate Masks, DIY Chocolate Masks, the top five diy chocolate face masks for radiant skin, Chocolate

    The Top Five DIY Chocolate Face Masks For Radiant Skin 13 October 2017

    The Top Five DIY Chocolate Face Masks For Radiant Skin:- Have you ever tasted the dark chocolate? Well, it tastes amazing and comes handy to improve your mood. But, did you know that this heavy ingredient has a lot of...

    Keywords: Chocolate Face Masks For Radiant Skin, Chocolate Face Masks For Radiant Skin, Radiant Skin, Chocolate Face Masks For Radiant Skin

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    Dessert, Recipe, fudgy chocolate brownies recipe, Chocolate

    Fudgy Chocolate Brownies Recipe 16 September 2016

    These heavenly brownies are pure chocolate overload, featuring a fudgy center, slightly crusty top and layers of decadence. It doesn't get better than this.Prep time- 50 min Serving- 4 Ingredients 1 cup of salted butter3 cup of  dark chocolate3/4 cup...

    Keywords: Dessert, Dessert, Dessert, Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

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    Top Stories, Top Stories, forbes names 23 indian origin among brightest young stars, Chocolate

    Forbes names 23 Indian origin among Brightest Young Stars 28 January 2014

    We all know what Forbes magazine is. Getting into the Forbes magazine is big thing for any entrepreneurs. And 23 Indian origin young entrepreneurs made to the list of 450 member Forbes Brightest Young Stars. Described by Forbes magazine as...

    Keywords: Massachusetts General Hospital, Forbes magazine, Brightest Young Stars, DW Investment Management

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    Vijayawada chocolate vendor, C Kishore Lal new, vijayawada candy seller gets rs 18 cr deposited, Chocolate

    Vijayawada Candy Seller Gets Rs 18 Cr Deposited 20 July 2017

    Vijayawada Candy Seller Gets Rs 18 Cr Deposited:- A chocolate vendor based in Vijayawada received a notice from the Income tax department after he opened a new savings account. He recently noticed an alarming activity in his bank account after...

    Keywords: C Kishore Lal updates, Vijayawada chocolate vendor, C Kishore Lal new, C Kishore Lal news

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    simple chocolate drink preparation, method of preparation of chocolate malt milk shake, preparation of chocolate malt milkshake, Chocolate

    Preparation of Chocolate Malt Milkshake 24 August 2015

    Most of us love chocolate flavour. Chocolate malt milk shake is one of the delicious drinks prepared by using simple and easily available ingredients like milk, chocolate ice cream and cookies. Prepare this drink at your home and enjoy its...

    Keywords: preparation of chocolate malt milk shake, simple chocolate drink preparation, simple chocolate drink preparation, easy chocolate drinks

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    cake recipes, cake recipes, aussie lamington chocolate coconut cake, Chocolate

    Aussie Lamington- Chocolate Coconut Cake 18 April 2015

    Lamington is an Australian dessert recipe consists of sponge cake coated first in a layer of chocolate sauce and then desiccated coconut. It is one of the delicious cake recipe loved by all kids. It can be specially prepared for...

    Keywords: preparation of dessert recipes, preparation of dessert recipes, preparation of dessert recipes, cake recipes

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    Chocolate diabetes, Chocolate insulin resistance diabetes, chocolate keeps diabetes away study, Chocolate

    Chocolate keeps diabetes away: Study 30 April 2016

    A new study claims that, consuming small amount of chocolate everyday, would make one stay away from the diabetes. After conducting the research on 1153 people aged 18-69 years, the researchers found out that, eating 100 grams of chocolate everyday,...

    Keywords: Chocolate diabetes, Chocolate diabetes, Chocolate diabetes, health tips

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    cake recipes, desserts recipes, chocolate applesauce cake recipe, Chocolate

    Chocolate applesauce cake recipe 24 May 2016

    How would it be, if you know that you can afford to make a cake, you have seen at a rich cake shop. Chocolate applesauce cake is one such dessert, you can prepare at your home. Preparation time: 20 minutes...

    Keywords: desserts recipes, Chocolate applesauce cake recipe, desserts recipes, desserts recipes

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    break from monotony, benefits of antioxidants, too serious about beauty chill, Chocolate

    Too serious about beauty? Chill! 20 August 2013

    Take a chill pill all you serious people out there. You know stress affects your skin badly. Ok, so you have religiously stuck to your strict diet and exercise routine. But, there is another contributor to good health and beauty....

    Keywords: relaxing while busy, bonding with nature, relaxation techniques, bonding with nature

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    chocolate fondue preparation, popular dessert recipes, recipe chocolate fondue, Chocolate

    Recipe: Chocolate Fondue 13 May 2015

    Chocolate Fondue is one of the popular recipes, mostly found in almost all parties, fondue fountains and in fondue restaurants. Although it is available in many restaurants, many prefer to prepare this recipe at home. Mostly kids love to eat...

    Keywords: popular dessert recipes, simple chocolate recipes, how to prepare chocolate fondue recipe, dipping chocolate recipes

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    simple snack recipes, how to prepare chocolate sandwiches, recipe preparation of chocolate cookie sandwiches, Chocolate

    Recipe: Preparation of Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches 19 May 2015

    Chocolate recipes are one of the most favourite items to most of us irrespective of age. Most classic cookie recipes are available, but if you are interested to try new recipes by using chocolates, here is the preparation of delicious...

    Keywords: Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches preparation, simple snack recipes, chocolate snacks, chocolate snacks

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    Chocolate waxing, painless, chocolate makes for pleasurable waxing, Chocolate

    chocolate makes for pleasurable waxing 31 July 2013

    If you are someone who cringe at the thought of painful waxing, here is something that you might actually like. Chocolate waxing, the new beauty discovery, is being hailed as a breakthrough attempt in realms of beauty treatment. Not only...

    Keywords: Chocolate wax, Chocolate wax, painless, Chocolate wax

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    Health News, cravings, ice creams don t cheer you, Chocolate

    Ice Creams don't cheer you 27 May 2014

    After a heavy meal, we generally like to have salad or ice cream and oh yes, we love to have it with our family and friends. However a recent study reported that Ice Cream or chocolate won't boost our mood...

    Keywords: Ice Creams don't cheer you, Can Ice-Cream and Chocolate Really Boost Your Mood?, mood swings, chocolate

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    Khoobsurat, Sonam Kapoor photos, sonam as mars ambassador, Chocolate

    Sonam as Mars Ambassador 18 November 2014

    Vivacious lady Sonam Kapoor has been named as the brand ambassador of Mars Chocolate India and soon she will be seen in the commercial of the chocolate bar. This is first time, Sonam is representing the face of a chocolate...

    Keywords: Sonam Kapoor Mars Chocolates India, Khoobsurat, Khoobsurat, Sonam Khoobsurat

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    tasty milk shake preparation, how to prepare Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake, recipe chocolate hazelnut milkshake, Chocolate

    Recipe: Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake 20 August 2015

    Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake is a delicious drink for lovers of nut. It is a creamy concoction blended with flavours of chocolate, cocoa powder and hazelnut. Prepare this tasty milkshake at your home and enjoy its taste. Ingredients: 1 cup cocoa...

    Keywords: delicious drinks, preparation of Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake, delicious drinks, how to prepare Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake

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    how to prepare Chocolate peanut butter cake, simple cake recipes, recipe chocolate peanut butter cake, Chocolate

    Recipe: Chocolate peanut butter cake 27 August 2015

    Cakes are the easiest dessert recipes to prepare at home. Although many bakeries are loaded with inventive varieties of cakes, here is the simple preparation of chocolate peanut butter cake, which can be easily made at your home. Prepare this...

    Keywords: simple cake recipes, how to prepare Chocolate peanut butter cake, how to prepare Chocolate peanut butter cake, dessert recipes

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    Nutritious diet and chocolates can increase sperm count, Chocolates and Nutritious diet can increase your sperm count, have chocolates and nutritious diet to boost sperm count, Chocolate

    Have Chocolates and Nutritious diet to boost sperm count 17 July 2015

    Intake of healthy and nutritious diet including tomatoes, sweet potatoes and fish can boost sperm production and support healthy sperm count in men, according to a study. "Men should know that the health of their sperm is an extremely important...

    Keywords: Chocolates and Nutritious diet can boost sperm count, Chocolates and Nutritious diet can boost sperm count, Chocolates and Nutritious diet can increase your sperm count, ways to increase sperm count

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    Chocolate, Chef, mahesh s daughter sitara becomes chef, Chocolate

    Mahesh's Daughter Sitara Becomes Chef 07 October 2016

    Tollywood Prince Mahesh Babu is definitely a  dotting father. His cute little daughter Sitara, has turned out to be a little chef master. Usually, children are fond of eating chocolates. But, Mahesh'sSitara, wishes to be creative and innovative at times....

    Keywords: Daughter, Chocolate, Daughter, Mahesh Babu

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    Kollywood news, Rajinikanth statue chocolate, rajinkanth s chocolate statue, Chocolate

    Rajinkanth’s chocolate statue 31 March 2016

    Adding as another page in the book of tributes to the huge Super Star Rajinikanth, now comes a chocolate statue.Zuka Choco-la, is a popular pastry outlet, on MG Road in Pondicherry. The presence of a life size statue of former...

    Keywords: Rajinikanth chocolate statue, Kollywood news, Rajinikanth chocolate statue, Kollywood news

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