• crowd at Fifa world cup, Female Football Fans at FIFA 2014, female football fans and their outfits at fifa, Brazil

    Female Football fans and their outfits at FIFA 18 June 2014

    Brazil is rejoicing with biggest sporting event happening in the country. Fans of the respective countries are pouring down to Brazil and the atmosphere at the stadium is absolutely stunning. In this football carnival, female fans are grabbing the attention...

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    FIFA World Cup, Germany vs Brazil, germany crashes brazil makes to final, Brazil

    Germany crashes Brazil, makes to final 09 July 2014

    It was one of the most embarrassing, humiliating defeats for Brazil ever in their International arena as they were crashed by Germany with 7-1 goals in the first semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup. Playing with Neymar and suspended captain...

    Keywords: Sports News, Brazil vs Germany, FIFA World Cup 2014 News, Neymar

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    Brazillian, Nelson Felippe, a photo of two women that went viral in brazil, Brazil

    A photo of two women that went viral in Brazil 10 April 2015

    Yesterday, a Brazilian man called Nelson Felippe posted this photo on Facebook captioned with what, at first glance, appears to be a disgusting homophobic rant.The post, which is written in Portugese, quickly went viral. It has now earned almost 12,000...

    Keywords: two women, Nelson Felippe, Brazillian, Nelson Felippe

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    Sex-tourism, Brazil, a large number of web sites cite brazil as the destination for sex tourism, Brazil

    A large number of Web sites cite Brazil as the destination for sex-tourism 01 July 2015

    Brazil is famous for its Love Motels (Motor+Hotel). Though the motels are now spurred up all over the world, what distinguishes Brazil Motels from the rest of the world is unlike the family oriented American counterparts, motels in Brazil are...

    Keywords: Rio de Janerio, Sex-tourism, Sex-tourism, Brazil

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    Neymar out of FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil in Semis Neymar out, brazil in semis neymar out, Brazil

    Brazil in Semis, Neymar out! 05 July 2014

    Hosts of the FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil have reached the semi-finals with 2-1 win over Colombia in the quarter-finals. However, there is a bad news for Brazil as the main striker, Neymar Jr has been ruled out of the...

    Keywords: France vs Germany, Mats Hummels goal vs France, FIFA World Cup 2014, Silva Luiz goals vs Colombia

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    Brazil's tallest teen gets engaged, Brazil's tallest teen to get married, brazil s tallest teen set to get married, Brazil

    Brazil's tallest teen set to get married 07 May 2014

    Brazil's tallest teen Elisany da Cruz Silva [6ft 8 inches tall] is all set to become world's tallest bride. Elisany who has been dating 5ft 4 inches Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho for more than three years and is living with...

    Keywords: Elisany da Cruz Silva, Brazil's tallest teen gets engaged, Elisany da Cruz Silva, Brazil

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    Top Stories, uncontacted amazon tribe, uncontacted amazon tribes, Brazil

    Uncontacted Amazon Tribes 27 June 2014

    Have you ever imagined, in this 21st modern technology world there are tribes that stay away from the civilized society. Well, Amazon forests are the address of these tribes and they are even not bothered about the outside world.  Photos...

    Keywords: Amazon Tribes, Uncontacted Amazon Tribes, Amazon Tribes, peru uncontacted tribe

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    Brazilian physician Claudio Gil Araujo, Simple Test To Measure Life Expectancy, simple test to measure life expectancy, Brazil

    Simple Test To Measure Life Expectancy 05 December 2013

    It is a common point of interest among elderly people to know how long they will live. A Brazilian physician Claudio Gil Araujo came up with a simple test by which he could measure the life expectancy of his patients....

    Keywords: Life Expectancy, Simple Test To Measure Life Expectancy, Life Expectancy, Sitting Rise Test (SRT)

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    Dries Mertens, Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, brazil draws with mexico, Brazil

    Brazil draws with Mexico 18 June 2014

    After a super victory in the opening game, Brazil could not continue the momentum and settled for a draw in the second match against Mexico. Full credits to the Mexico Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa who saved four goals denying victory to...

    Keywords: Brazil vs Mexico, Dries Mertens, Alexandr Kerzhakov, Sports News

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    Netherlands vs Chile, Brazil reaches Round 16, brazil reaches round 16, Brazil

    Brazil reaches Round 16 24 June 2014

    Hosts of the FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil have reached the Knock Out round of 16 with win over Cameroon yesterday. The latest sensation of Brazil Neymar again scored twice and Brazil demolished Cameroon with 4-1 goals. Neymar found the...

    Keywords: Brazil vs Cameroon, FIFA World Cup 2014, Sports News, Fred

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    FIFA World cup 2014, FIFA World cup 2014, goa mlas to tour brazil, Brazil

    Goa MLAs to tour Brazil 13 June 2014

    Six Goa MLAs including three state ministers have planned to visit Brazil to witness the FIFA World Cup and in addition to this the state sports department has sanctioned Rs 89 lakhs for the trip which prompted the opposition parties....

    Keywords: in the news, national news, Goa MLAs to Brazil to watch football world cup, in the news

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    Brazil Government, FIFA World Cup 2014, pm modi invited for fifa finals, Brazil

    PM Modi invited for FIFA finals 16 June 2014

    The Brazil Government has invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to watch the finals of the FIFA World Cup 2014. The Prime Minister's Office has received the invitation from the Brazil government and as Modi is out of Country, the decision...

    Keywords: Brazil Government invited PM Modi for FIFA World Cup 2014 finals, Brazil Government invited PM Modi for FIFA World Cup 2014 finals, FIFA World Cup 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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    Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Indian contigent, rio olympics opens with a spectacular show, Brazil

    Rio Olympics opens with a spectacular show 06 August 2016

    Brazil unfurled a vast canvas celebrating its rainforest and the creative energy of its wildly diverse population to the tune of samba, bossa nova and funk in welcoming the world to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The opening...

    Keywords: Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rio Olympics, Brazil

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    Rio Olympics 2016, Japan, rio olympics announced closed in a colorful closing ceremony, Brazil

    Rio Olympics Announced Closed In A Colorful Closing Ceremony 22 August 2016

    Rio on Sunday witnessed a glittering colorful closing ceremony after 16 days of outstanding sporting events at the Marcana stadium in Rio. Rio Olympics 2016 was announced as closed in the closing ceremony and the 2020 Summer Olympic Games host...

    Keywords: Brazil, PV Sindhu, Brazil, Neymar

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    Football players, Brazil, chartered plane carrying 72 passengers from brazil crash 6 survive, Brazil

    Chartered Plane Carrying 72 Passengers from Brazil Crash, 6 Survive 29 November 2016

    In a shocking incident, a chartered aircraft carrying 72 people on board crashed on its way to Medellin's international airport. The passengers included players from a Brazilian soccer team. They were heading to Colombia for a regional tournament final when...

    Keywords: Chartered plane crash, Brazil, Brazil, Brazil

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    Clauvino da Silva jail, Clauvino da Silva, to escape from prison brazil gang leader dresses up as his daughter, Brazil

    To Escape From Prison, Brazil Gang Leader Dresses Up As His Daughter 06 August 2019

    To Escape From Prison, Brazil Gang Leader Dresses Up As His Daughter:- A Gang Leader from Brazil attempted to escape from prison after he dressed like his 19-year-old daughter. Clauvino da Silva tried to leave his Rio de Janeiro prison...

    Keywords: Brazil gangster, Clauvino da Silva updates, Clauvino da Silva, Clauvino da Silva jail

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    world news, Brazil news, bank robbers in tin foil suits to trick alarm, Brazil

    Bank robbers in tin foil suits, to trick alarm 12 April 2016

    In southern Brazil, two robbers, left a shiny impression on police, when they chose an unusual form of camouflage, during an attempted bank robbery: head-to-toe aluminum foil.The suspects likely trying to foil the alarm of the Praia Grande branch of...

    Keywords: world news, Brazil bank robbery news, Brazil bank robbery news, bank robbers tin foil

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    Brazil vs Netherlands, FIFA World Cup finals, its argentina in the fifa finals, Brazil

    Its Argentina in the FIFA finals! 10 July 2014

    The FIFA World Cup 2014 has reached to the climax. The second semi-finals between Argentina and Netherlands lead to a penalty shoot out and it was the Argentina who evolved as winner. With 4-2 goals.  Thanks to Argentina goal keeper...

    Keywords: Its Argentina in the FIFA finals, Argentina vs Netherlands, FIFA World Cup 2014, FIFA World Cup 2014

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    FIFA world cup finals, Germany won FIFA World Cup 2014, germany lift fifa world cup 2014, Brazil

    Germany lift FIFA World Cup 2014 14 July 2014

    Germany have won the FIFA World Cup 2014 with 1-0 score over Argentina. This is the first world cup win for Germany in 24 years and it is their fourth overall trophy. Both teams failed to score a goal in...

    Keywords: Golden Ball award 2014, Germany vs Argentina, Golden Glove Award, Sports News

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    World Cup nail art is the latest fashion fad, brazil nail art, world cup nail art is the latest fashion fad, Brazil

    World Cup nail art is the latest fashion fad 27 June 2014

    Football fanatics have now found a fashionable way to root for their favorite teams this FIFA - nail art inspired by a nation's flag. That's right! From footballs to flags, there is lots to choose from for anyone wanting to...

    Keywords: World Cup nail art is the latest fashion fad, brazil nail art, Beauty news, brazil nail art

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