• Bacterial Vaginosis, Condoms are a boon for vagina — Find how?, vagina s friend the condom, Bacteria

    Vagina's friend, the condom 01 August 2013

    In today's fast-growing world of exotic diseases, condoms have become a necessity. And while many of you might find it a pain to put the rubber on while having sex, it was and still is the most highly recommended protection...

    Keywords: Condoms are a boon for vagina — Find how?, Spread, Spread, Condoms are a boon for vagina — Find how?

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    fatty food causes depression, effect of diet on health, gut bacteria increases risk of depression impaired memory, Bacteria

    Gut bacteria increases risk of depression, impaired memory 28 March 2015

    A study recently published in the journal Biological Psychiatry revealed that a high-fat diet produces changes in health and behavior (partly) by altering a person’s gut microbiota. To know whether bacteria in the gut can alter behavioral patterns, even in...

    Keywords: disorders of fatty food intake, effect of diet on health, fatty food causes depression, effect of diet on health

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    good food, good food, are you eating these for your health, Bacteria

    Are you eating these for your health??? 26 November 2012

    The term 'good food' may differ to you and me... but, there are some foods that are common and needed to be taken on a regular basis as a part of your meal, for a healthy YOU; Blueberries have more...

    Keywords: good food, disease fighting potential, beneficial bacteria, vitamins

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    Dutch study on kissing, Kiss, 10 sec kiss can transfer 80mn bacteria, Bacteria

    10 sec Kiss can transfer 80mn bacteria 17 November 2014

    We have heard about the amount of calories get burnt while kissing but Dutch scientist have come up with something strange. The scientist in their new study reported that a 10 seconds kiss will lead to transfer of 80 million...

    Keywords: Dutch scientists, probiotic drink, Dutch scientists, Dutch scientists

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    University of Sydney, University of Sydney, cleaner teeth not a sign of good health, Bacteria

    Cleaner teeth not a sign of good health 30 September 2013

    If researchers are to be believed, having too clean teeth signifies a negative turn of events in dietary habits. To make it simple, evolving diets and simplified food have robbed our oral cavities of many friendly bacteria. Lesser bacterial variety...

    Keywords: research on ancient humans, University of Adelaide, University of Sydney, Oral bacteria

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    University of Groningen, University of Groningen, chewing gum improves oral health, Bacteria

    Chewing gum improves oral health 27 January 2015

    A recent study has suggested that chewing gums helps to improve oral health by removing around 100 million bacteria from mouth in just 10 minutes. Netherland's University of Groningen researchers found out that chewing gum traps the bacteria within the...

    Keywords: oral bacteria, University of Groningen, oral hygiene, oral bacteria

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    current trend of wearing loafers, loafers, no to wear without socks, Bacteria

    No to wear without socks! 12 June 2013

    A new research brought into prominence about the increasing trend of wearing loafers without socks furthering to cause foot fungal infection. Therefore, if you are planning to follow the current trend of wearing loafers without socks then think before you...

    Keywords: current trend, bacterial infection, bad odor, No to wear without socks

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    , bacteria that poop gold, gold poop bacteria, Bacteria

    Gold Poop bacteria? 07 February 2013

    The times of the world are a little down on the economy side but there is one bacteria that can enjoy the riches so much that it poops gold. A bacteria named Cupriavidus metallidurans is capable of making gold after...

    Keywords: gold nuggets, gold poop, gold poop, bacteria that poop gold

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    Technology news., Bacteria kill, how bacterial systems export disease, Bacteria

    How bacterial systems export disease 11 February 2012

    Scientists have discovered the mechanisms behind some of the bacteria that kill hundreds of thousands every year, possibly paving the way for more effective antibiotics against infections. With antibiotic resistance on the rise in strains of pathogenic bacteria, innovative strategies...

    Keywords: Bactirea system, Bacteria kill, Technology news., Technology news.

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    gut bacteria can increase weight, how weight is increased by gut bacteria, gut bacteria can cause weight gain finds study, Bacteria

    Gut bacteria can cause weight gain, finds study 06 August 2015

    According to a recent study done by the researchers, it was revealed that gut bacteria may affect circadian rhythms and metabolism leading to weight gain in some people. Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioural changes that follow a roughly...

    Keywords: how gut bacteria affects body weight, gut bacteria can increase weight, how gut bacteria affects body weight, gut bacteria can increase weight

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    importance of immune system, bacteria, know the importance of immune system, Bacteria

    Know the importance of immune system! 20 February 2012

    The strength of Immune is undeniable. This amazing internal army composed of trillions of cells works around the clock to keep us healthy. The strength of our immune system determines our body's ability to resist infection and stop the growth...

    Keywords: bacteria, life and health, life and health, Colds

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    oral cavity, oral cavity, happy teeth happy life, Bacteria

    Happy Teeth, Happy life! 23 January 2013

    It's really important to have good oral health habits because a dental problem may have more negative consequences than you can ever imagine! If you really don't take care of your teeth, it won't be long before cavities and unhealthy gums...

    Keywords: dental problem, dental problem, precautions, smiling teeth

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    Los Angeles, functioning of brain, yoghurt consumption results in curing depression, Bacteria

    Yoghurt consumption results in curing depression! 03 June 2013

    Recent research declares that probiotics found in yogurt would help in amplifying a person's mood as they affect functioning of brain. Earlier studies have revealed that benign bacteria affected the brains of rats, but none of the  research analysis have...

    Keywords: probiotics, functioning of brain, autism, Los Angeles School of Medicine

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    Lactobacillus, normal delivery, normal delivery a better option, Bacteria

    Normal delivery a better option! 25 May 2012

    Japanese scientists have said that babies born in normal delivery will be more healthier compared to babies who are brought into the world through C-Section.  The scientists are of the opinion that babies born naturally are exposed to large amounts...

    Keywords: C-Section, beneficial bacteria, C-Section, beneficial bacteria

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    Sugar and Fat rich diet may reduce cognitive functioning, why to avoid sugar and fat rich diet, sugar and fat rich diet could make you inflexible says study, Bacteria

    Sugar and Fat rich diet could make you inflexible, says study 24 June 2015

    According to a research conducted by the Oregon State University, the researchers revealed that diet high in fat and sugar causes changes in gut bacteria, which leads to a significant loss of cognitive flexibility. The researchers carried out a study...

    Keywords: why to avoid sugar and fat rich diet, Sugar and Fat rich diet may reduce cognitive functioning, why to avoid sugar and fat rich diet, why to avoid sugar and fat rich diet

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    home cleaning, eucalyptus, aromatherapy for your home, Bacteria

    Aromatherapy for your home 18 January 2014

    A diffuser is great, but there are other ways in which you can use your essential oils at home. For linens Add a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil to your laundry detergent for a fresh fragrance. You can...

    Keywords: cleaning, Aromatherapy for your home, lavender oil, homekeeping

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    medicine for good health, turmeric for good health, heath in our hands, Bacteria

    Heath in our hands 06 April 2013

    Turmeric... an age old medicine for our good health... irrespective of the recipe, in almost everything we cook, we add a pinch of turmeric. This is because; turmeric has a inherent quality of healing any un known diseases, kill bacteria....

    Keywords: turmeric for good health, pinch of turmeric, active, stay healthy

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    health care, health care, throat infection not as regular as it appears, Bacteria

    Throat infection… not as regular as it appears 02 January 2013

    Is your throat infection causing a big time problem for you? Irrespective of you Taking good care of your health, you are not able to get rid from the frequent attacks of throat infection... rather than ending up surviving this...

    Keywords: smoking, tonsillitis, tonsillitis, tonsillitis

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    organic, turmeric powder, turmeric s healing secret, Bacteria

    Turmeric's healing Secret! 12 February 2013

    The active ingredient in turmeric is known as curcumin. Tumeric has been used for over 2500 years in India, where it was most likely first used as a dye. The medicinal properties of this spice have been slowly revealing themselves...

    Keywords: antibacterial., turmeric, natural spice, organic

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    Spicy Cinnamon recipes, Spicy Cinnamon recipes, gluten free spicy hot cocoa brownies, Bacteria

    Gluten free Spicy Hot Cocoa Brownies 26 March 2015

    Cocoa Brownies are made spicy by adding Cinnamon in it. This will be the most loved dish for people who love to eat spicy food. Cinnamon and Cayenne has immune boosting capacities. So, by eating this spicy Hot Cocoa Brownies...

    Keywords: immune system boosting recipes, immune system boosting recipes, Spicy Cinnamon recipes, Cayenne

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