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    RGV tweets on Baahubali 11 July 2015

    As expected, our very own favourite criticizer RGV had finally reacted towards Baahubali and slashed all other star heroes of Tollywood. RGV opinions through the tweets? What all RGV opined was the subject is bigger than a star in the...

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    Baahubali records, Baahubali in Bollywood, here are the bollywood baahubali characters, Baahubali records

    Here are the Bollywood Baahubali characters 27 August 2015

    Bollywood biggies like Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar and many others are planning to remake Baahubali in Bollywood, the reports say.Baahubali, a stupendous success all over, has become the talk of the industry, since few months, and seems not to be...

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    Baahubali 2 details, Baahubali 2 movie release date, overseas audience showered love on rajamouli, Baahubali records

    Overseas audience showered love on Rajamouli 07 October 2015

    Overseas audience showered love on Rajamouli, upon knowing that he is Eega movie director.   For the people, who think Baahubali magic is completed, here is the news. The movie might have completed its run in India, but is still continuing...

    Keywords: Baahubali 2 movie release date, Baahubali 2 details, Baahubali records, Baahubali 2 details

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    Baahubali collections, Baahubali PK, baahubali got a weapon to hunt pk, Baahubali records

    Baahubali got a weapon to hunt ‘PK’ 15 September 2015

    Baahubali, the one film that took the Telugu film industry status to the next level. Now the trade analysts are expecting that, the movie might cross even Aamir Khan’s PK records and occupy the number 1 position. Baahubali success in...

    Keywords: Baahubali collections, Baahubali Bollywood, Baahubali Bollywood, Baahubali Bollywood

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    Baahubali collections, Baahubali 2, omg 325 crores for baahubali 2, Baahubali records

    OMG! 325 crores for Baahubali 2 16 July 2015

    A popular corporate company has bought the Baahubali 2 rights for a whooping amount of Rs. 325 crores, RGV conveys.Anything the followers of RGV see in his social networking account these days, is completely about Baahubali itself. Right from the...

    Keywords: Baahubali collections, Baahubali records, Baahubali collections, Baahubali 2 rights

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    Rajamouli about Baahubali 50 days, Rajamouli about Baahubali 50 days, no false records please rajamouli, Baahubali records

    No false records please - Rajamouli 28 August 2015

    With today, Baahubali, the Indian proud epic movie completes 50 days run in all the major theaters.Reacting on this, Baahubali director Rajamouli says, “Counting the number of days for a movie is a past thing, now the movie is dependent...

    Keywords: Rajamouli about Baahubali 50 days, Baahubali collections, Rajamouli about false records, Baahubali collections

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    Baahubali 2 updates, Baahubali records, baahubali 2 a new share market, Baahubali records

    Baahubali 2- A new share market 17 August 2015

    Baahubali, an unprecedented success of Tollywood flew across the country and is now ruling the Indian cinema. Regarding this, Baahubali collections and records are already making the biggies open their mouth wide. At this level, the makers are planning to...

    Keywords: Baahubali 2 shares, Baahubali 2 shares, Baahubali collections, Baahubali 2 shares

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    Baahubali collections, Baahubali, baahubali puts an end to star ism, Baahubali records

    Baahubali puts an end to star-ism 25 July 2015

    However the subject is, Producers making movies with the stars like Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu and other star heroes, are always found to be on the safe side, as their movies bring huge opening collections regardless of movie result. Fortunately,...

    Keywords: Baahubali total collections, Baahubali, Baahubali, Baahubali

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    Baahubali collections, Baahubali crosses Attharintiki Daredi records, proof baahubali an industry hit, Baahubali records

    Proof: Baahubali - an industry hit 20 July 2015

    Attharintiki Daredi was the last film to reach 75 crores and set a new industry record in Tollywood by crossing Magadheera and now Baahubali reached and in fact crossed that 75 crores mark of Attharintiki Daredi and thus declared as...

    Keywords: area wise collections of Baahubali, Baahubali records, Baahubali area wise collections, Baahubali crosses Attharintiki Daredi records

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    Baahubali records, Baahubali release in Pakistan, salman backs baahubali in achieving rare record, Baahubali records

    Salman backs Baahubali in achieving rare record 01 September 2015

    Baahubali, the industry hit which is going to be remained so until Baahubali 2, yet has interesting news to share with movie lovers. Right from the beginning, be it through records, collections, Bollywood release or any other, Baahubali continued to...

    Keywords: Baahubali Pakistan records, Baahubali Pakistan records, Baahubali records, Baahubali Pakistan records

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    Baahubali records, Pawan, rajamouli counter attack on pawan, Baahubali records

    Rajamouli counter attack on Pawan 14 July 2015

    Baahubali, the biggest film is keeping up its tag called ‘big’ in terms of the records too. As per the information, currently Baahubali already crossed the till date industry record holder, Attharintiki Daredi and is heading forward.In the beginning due to...

    Keywords: Bahubali records, Telugu Movie show times, Baahubali collections, Baahubali crosses Attharintiki Daredi

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    Baahubali in Hollywood, Baahubali gross collections, baahubali in 3rd position among india s top grossers, Baahubali records

    Baahubali in 3rd position among India’s top grossers 11 August 2015

    Inspite of many big movie releases took place after Baahubali, the film is still strong and unstoppable at the box office.We already discussed about Baahubali crossing Rs.500 crores share and said that it is giving tough competition to the Bollywood flicks....

    Keywords: Baahubali collections, Baahubali gross collections, Baahubali in Hollywood, Baahubali in Hollywood

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    Bahubali collections, Telugu Movie show times, baahubali collections report, Baahubali records

    Baahubali collections report 15 July 2015

    Time to say, the Telugu film industry before and after Baahubali. The record collections of the film is blowing the minds of trade analysts.As of now, the film had already collecting Rs 47 crores in the first four days and...

    Keywords: telugu cinema tickets, Telugu Actress Photos, Telugu Movie show times, Latest Movie reviews in Telugu

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    Box office collections, Latest Movie reviews in Telugu, rajini fans against baahubali, Baahubali records

    Rajini fans against Baahubali 11 July 2015

    Yes, this might be true, Rajini fans might be against Baahubali, as the film had already crossed Rajinikanth movie Linga’s first day record. Generally, Rajinikanth is known for his stupendous star power, and with that range of star value, his...

    Keywords: Telugu Movie show times, Baahubali collections, Baahubali collections, Latest Movie reviews in Telugu

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    Baahubali records, Baahubali in Bollywood, omg baahubali collects rs 500 crores, Baahubali records

    OMG!! Baahubali collects Rs.500 crores 04 August 2015

    After 25 days of Baahubali, the film now reaches the huge 500 crores gross. This is really a proud moment of Telugu cinema, as it is our film, which is shaking, even the Bollywood records. As of now, Baahubali dubbed...

    Keywords: Baahubali collections, Srimanthudu and Baahubali, Baahubali in Bollywood, Baahubali collections

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    Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, salman steps back watching baahubali, Baahubali records

    Salman steps back, watching Baahubali 16 July 2015

    Salman Khan, one of the top three khans of Bollywood, gave a shocking statement about Baahubali saying that, it might not be possible for any other Indian movie to reach Baahubali records in the near future. Before the release of...

    Keywords: Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Baahubali records, Baahubali in Bollywood, Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan

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