• quash petition, Cash for vote, stephenson petition arguments completed judgment on monday, Argument

    Stephenson petition arguments completed, judgment on Monday 25 June 2015

    The arguments on Stephenson petition came to an end in the court today. The judgment related to the case is postponed to Monday.It is known that, Stephenson filed a quash petition on Matthaiah, the A4 in the cash for vote...

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    cbi call list, cbi jd, call list row arguments posted to july 09, Argument

    Call list row arguments posted to July 09 02 July 2012

    The High Court today questioned the CBI that why sensitive case details were given to media. This was in response to a petition stating  the CBI JD Lakshminarayana only gave details of the case to two media houses only. The...

    Keywords: media houses, lakshminarayana, high court, media houses

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    akbaruddin owaisi inflammatory speech, mim akbaruddin owaisi, arguments between akbar police, Argument

    Arguments between Akbar, police 08 January 2013

    Arguments are taking place between MIM legislator Akbaruddin Owaisi and state police at Gandhi hospital. Now that 11 medical tests are over, Akbaruddin wants to go to home. As we was reportedly ready to leave for home, the police apparently...

    Keywords: akbaruddin owaisi inflammatory speech, akbaruddin owaisi hate speech, akbaruddin owaisi hate speech, mim akbaruddin owaisi

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    CBI Court, Jaganmohan Reddy, illegal assets case arguments underway, Argument

    Illegal assets case: Arguments underway 28 May 2012

    Arguments are going on in the CBI Court in Nampally on Jagan’s illegal assets case. The CBI officials have produced Jaganmohan Reddy-who was arrested last night-before the Magistrate of CBI Court. The counsels of Jaganmohan Reddy-who moved bail petition-have been...

    Keywords: CBI custody, CBI Court, Jaganmohan Reddy, Jaganmohan Reddy

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    MS Dhoni controversy, MS Dhoni latest updates, after a fierce argument with umpires dhoni fined heavily, Argument

    After a Fierce Argument With Umpires, Dhoni Fined Heavily 12 April 2019

    After a Fierce Argument With Umpires, Dhoni Fined Heavily:- A no-ball decision in the last over triggered controversy after Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni walked into the field and triggered argument with the umpire. The Mr Cool captain lost...

    Keywords: MS Dhoni updates, MS Dhoni fine, MS Dhoni fine, RR

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    23 January, jagan bail case, jagan s bail plea reveals a hidden secret, Argument

    Jagan's bail plea reveals a hidden secret? 23 January 2013

    The incarcerated YSR Congress leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy had been for quite a long time in the custody, to be questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigations. In spite of repeated bail pleas the Kadapa MP seems to...

    Keywords: 23 January, Jagans bail plea reveals a hidden secret, state government no information on the case, highcourt argument

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    arguments on Jagan's bail petition, CBI, hearing on jagan s bail petition deferred, Argument

    Hearing on Jagan's bail petition deferred 27 June 2012

    The Andhra Pradesh High Court, which has heard the arguments on the bail petition of Jaganmohan Reddy, has deferred the next hearing on the bail to Thursday. Today, the court listened to the arguments made by Jagan's counsel, Ram Jetmalani....

    Keywords: arguments on Jagan's bail petition, Andhra Pradesh High Court, Ram Jetmalani, Ram Jetmalani

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    Nalamotu Chakravarthy, Ashok Malik, 101 lies of telangana separatists, Argument

    101 lies of Telangana Separatists! 23 January 2013

    As the announcement of the Congress is due on January 28 on the impending Telangana issue, there is a cold war prevailing between the both sides. On one side T activists are going all out to get a nod for...

    Keywords: January 23, January 23, 23 January, parakala prabhakar

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    January 23, KVP awakes from nowhere, kvp is the kingpin in anti t movement, Argument

    KVP is the kingpin in anti T movement 23 January 2013

    The man-Friday of the late Chief Minister Y S Rajashekar Reddy and Rajya Sabha MP Dr.K.V.P. Ramachandra Rao (KVP) certainly seems to be rallying behind the wide spread voice of the Seemandhra leaders for a unified state. Forthrightly slamming the...

    Keywords: KVP is the kingpin in T-anti movement, KVP is the kingpin in T-anti movement, 23 January, K V P Ramachandra Rao. Unified Andhra agitation

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    ATA, ATA, ata elections leaders get into heated argument followed by ugly brawl, Argument

    ATA Elections: Leaders Get into Heated Argument Followed by Ugly Brawl 17 October 2016

    In a shocking incident, Amercian Telugu Association (ATA) leaders Mr.Hanmanth Reddy got into a heated argument followed by verbal abuse and physical fight with another ATA leader Mr.Harindar Reddy. According to the sources, "ATA members Harindar Reddy (Ex-Trustee), Chandrasekhar Reddy...

    Keywords: elections, abuse, nominations, nominations

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    lifestyle, argument with friends, love arguments re think, Argument

    Love arguments? Re think... 13 February 2013

    N number of people around us and all of them possess a different personality that is not similar to other. Only certain personality traits match with one and other and we mistake considering ‘yes, these two minds think alike’… no,...

    Keywords: arguments, arguments, winning the argument,

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    cbi arguments, cbi supreme court, jagan case cbi argues in sc, Argument

    Jagan case: CBI argues in SC 30 April 2013

    The Central Bureau of Investigation has made its arguments in the Supreme Court this morning in connection with Jaganmohan Reddy's illegal assets case. It is known that the court has questioned CBI as to why it should not grant bail...

    Keywords: cbi jagan case, cbi court, cbi jagan case, cbi court

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    legendary bruce lee still into controversy, bruce lee, legendary bruce lee still faces argument, Argument

    Legendary Bruce Lee still faces argument 19 July 2013

    Bruce Lee the late gongfu superstar may be an international icon, yet he is still not the complete local hero in Hong Kong. Fans are bringing the prominence of his death 40 years ago this weekend accompanying art gallery shows,...

    Keywords: beijing, hong kong, beijing, hong kong

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    Arguments, Angry and wants a fight, arguments a natural happening with unusual result, Argument

    Arguments.... a natural happening with unusual result.... 14 July 2012

    Arguments and disagreements are a fact of life. Sometimes they happen because of misunderstandings, sometimes one or both parties are stressed or feeling disrespected, sometimes one person is just plain angry and wants a fight. There are many reasons why...

    Keywords: Angry and wants a fight, Human being, , Angry and wants a fight

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    TDP defections, crime news, how long will the tiger be restricted to chanchalaguda politicking wishesh, Argument

    How long will the tiger be restricted to Chanchalaguda! :Politicking Wishesh 15 February 2013

    Namaskaram andi! Hope you are enjoying your special exclusive from Wishesh. Before you get into hectic schedules, we try to bring out, how public like you & me feel about the present happenings. This is just the lighter side of...

    Keywords: No celebration on KCR's birthday, jagan assets case, cbi lawyer argument, How long will the tiger be restricted to Chanchalaguda

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    Refuting an Agitation-Lies and Dubious Arguments of Telangana Separatists, Congress at cross roads on Telangana, congress at cross roads on telangana, Argument

    Congress at cross roads on Telangana? 23 January 2013

    A massive exercise by the Congress core committee is turning futile after the wide differences expressed by both side leaders on the impending Telangana issue. As per the all-party-meet held in December last year the home ministry assured to give...

    Keywords: TRS, Seemandhra's 1000 lies, KVP awakes from nowhere, 23 January

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    lovely intimany, love has stopped, signs of all not well in your relationship, Argument

    Signs of 'all not well’'in your relationship... 08 June 2012

    Time changes a lot… even that spark in your relationships tends to give a miss with time, if you don't tend to work on keeping it up... and then what, each and every small issue turns out to be a...

    Keywords: love has stopped, lovely intimany, Relationships, lovely intimany

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    Pakistan, Hague, india presents its arguments in icj over kulbhushan jadhav at hague, Argument

    India Presents Its Arguments In ICJ Over Kulbhushan Jadhav At Hague 15 May 2017

    The International Court of Justice (ICJ) started hearing the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav, the former Indian Naval officer. Last month, the Pak Military court had awarded the death sentence to Jadhav for espionage and subversive activities and in charges of...

    Keywords: Hague, India, India, Hague

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    K Kesava Rao, YSR's man-friday, to part we need no permission kk, Argument

    To part we need no permission: KK 23 January 2013

    Senior Congress leader from the Telangana region, K Kesava Rao (KK) along with many other leaders from the region met at the Andhra Bhavan today in Delhi. As the decision date is fast approaching as announced by the Congress led...

    Keywords: KK, January 23, K Kesava Rao, Refuting an Agitation-Lies and Dubious Arguments of Telangana Separatists

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    love and relationship articles, quarrels in relationship tips, what not to do while arguing with women, Argument

    What not to do while arguing with women 07 May 2016

    Fighting with women is not a new thing to the men. In fact, no man would escape from having it with his woman. Here I am not going to be teacher and teach you not to fight, but can suggest...

    Keywords: love and relationship articles, quarrels in relationship tips, arguments with women tips, quarrels in relationship tips

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