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  • Funny Jokes, Jokes, inter religious marriages validity is beneficial to lawyers, Ap marriages

    Inter religious marriages validity is beneficial to lawyers 20 November 2015

    News: Inter religious marriages are valid, only if one of the partners, convert into his/her spouse’s religion. Punch: I can see idle lawyers smiling now.By Phani Ch

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    TS Deputy CM Mahmood Ali, Illegal Contract Marriages, ts govt to curb illegal contract marriages in city deputy cm mahmood ali, Ap marriages

    TS Govt To Curb Illegal Contract Marriages In City : Deputy CM Mahmood Ali 03 November 2017

    TS Govt To Curb Illegal Contract Marriages In City : Deputy CM Mahmood Ali:- To curb illegal contract marriages, the Telangana State government is making all efforts to bring legislation or regulatory guidelines, said Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Mahmood Ali...

    Keywords: Telangana Government, Telangana Government, TS Deputy CM Mahmood Ali, TS Deputy CM Mahmood Ali

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    LGBT in japan, Hotel Granvia, temple in japan offers gay marriages, Ap marriages

    Temple in Japan offers gay marriages 14 December 2014

    Seems like the world is moving on. A historic temple in Japan became a platform for gay marriage, despite the fact that these kind of marriages or bonding is illegal in the country. Kyoto's Shunkoin temple has been offering LGBT...

    Keywords: LGBT in japan, Hotel Granvia, Buddhist temple, Shunkoin temple

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    gay marriages in India, gay marriages in India, how about legalizing gay marriages in india, Ap marriages

    How about legalizing gay marriages in India? 09 July 2015

    Supreme Court has legalized the gay marriages. But unfortunately, it is American Supreme Court.What unfortunate? We should be lucky that it is still not legalized in India.Also read: 5 WTF things where Indians can only doThe struggles girls face, after...

    Keywords: US, gay marriages, Mumbai, Mumbai

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    Ilaiyaraaja, Yuvan Shankar Raja, yuvan shankar raja gets married, Ap marriages

    Yuvan Shankar Raja gets married! 02 January 2015

    Popular music director Yuvan Shankar Raja married a Muslim girl named Zafrunnisa, a Dubai based fashion designer on January 1st 2015. This is Yuvan's third marriage after his earlier two relations ended on a bitter note.  Interestingly, Yuvan's marriage was...

    Keywords: Yuvan Shankar Raja marriages, Yuvan Shankar Raja changes his name, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Yuvan Shankar Raja third marriage

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    south africa child marriage, south africa child marriage, 8 year old boy marries grandmother, Ap marriages

    8 year old boy marries grandmother 12 March 2013

    One weird marriage in Tshwane, South Africa, has been a head turner for the world over. An eight year old kid was married to his own grandmother who was 61. Sanele Masilela, the school boy happily tied the knot with...

    Keywords: child marriage, child marriage, south africa child marriage, child marriage

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    Pawan Kalyan's 3 marriages, Pawan Kalyan, pawan kalyan speaks on his 3 marriages, Ap marriages

    Pawan Kalyan Speaks On His 3 Marriages 11 November 2016

    The actor-turned-politician and now the Jana Sena chief, Pawan Kalyan after his roaring speech in front of the huge crowd in Anantapur district yesterday, interacted with students of an Engineering college in Anantapur district. During the interaction, as was expected...

    Keywords: Pawan Kalyan's 3 marriages, Pawan Kalyan's 3 marriages, Pawan Kalyan's 3 marriages, Pawan Kalyan

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    Hindu rights group, Hindu rights group, hindu rights organization condemns india s support for gay marriages, Ap marriages

    Hindu Rights Organization condemns India's support for gay marriages 28 March 2015

    A major Hindu rights organization here has denounced India’s decision to support the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon’s decision to extend benefits to lesbian couples and gay couples working at the multilateral organization.Earlier this week, India joined the bandwagon of...

    Keywords: India’s support for anti-gay resolution, India’s support for anti-gay resolution, India’s support for anti-gay resolution, India’s support for anti-gay resolution

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    1000 couples married in tirumala, Lord sri venkateshwara swamy, 1000 weddings at tirumala in 1 day, Ap marriages

    1000 weddings at Tirumala in 1 day 15 February 2013

    Andhra Wishesh has throwing focus on the magnitude of marriages and the amount spent on them in the last three days—February 13, 14 and 15th. While people went ahead and spent in dozens of lakhs over their wedding ceremony, not...

    Keywords: 1000 couples married in tirumala, tirumala couples weddings, 1000 couples married in tirumala, couples weddings solemnized tirumala

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    Big fat marriages, Big fat marriages, former karnataka minister spending record money on daughter s wedding, Ap marriages

    Former Karnataka Minister Spending Record Money On Daughter’s Wedding 20 October 2016

    The former minister of Karnataka Gali Janardhan Reddy is spending Rs. 200 crore on her daughter Brahmani’s wedding, according to the reports. Reports said that last year when he celebrated her daughter’s engagement ceremony in the grand manner, his daughter...

    Keywords: Janardhan Reddy daughter's wedding, Gali Janardhan Reddy, Indian marriages, Big fat marriages

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    birth registration, India Child Marriages, india second in child marriages, Ap marriages

    India, second in child marriages 12 September 2014

    According to a UN report India had the highest number of unregistered children under age five between 2000 and 2012 and is the second-highest in number of child marriages. The report also said, along with India, Afghanistan, Bangaldesh and the...

    Keywords: UNICEF, United Nations, birth registration, UNICEF

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    Supreme court, SC, living relationship is also a marriage, Ap marriages

    Living Relationship is also a marriage 13 April 2015

    Supreme court clears the doubts between living relationship and marriage. It officially declares in a  statement that both are alike. Living relationship is not new to the country, it well known through few of the celebrities who are engaged in...

    Keywords: Supreme court, Indian marriages, Living relationship, SC

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    Red Planet, NASA, a trip that could test the best of marriages, Ap marriages

    A trip that could test the best of marriages! 01 March 2013

    On Wednesday, a tycoon announced plans to send a middle-aged couple on a privately-built spaceship to slingshot around the Red Planet and come back home hopefully with their bodies and marriage in one piece after 501 days of no-escape togetherness...

    Keywords: Martian, Taber MacCallum, NASA, Mars

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    NRI Husbands latest news, NRI Husbands passports, nri husbands must now register their marriage within a week, Ap marriages

    NRI Husbands Must Now Register Their Marriage Within A Week 14 June 2018

    NRI Husbands Must Now Register Their Marriage Within A Week:- Non-resident Indian (NRI) who will fly abroad from the country will have to register their marriage within a week after getting married. They should even update their marital status on...

    Keywords: NRI Husbands new rules, NRI Husbands marital status, NRI Husbands news, NRI Husbands marital status

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    poverty-line, bhopal news, child marriage is mortifying, Ap marriages

    Child marriage is mortifying! 31 May 2013

    Ratnarashi had to undergo distress yet she never turned back Ratnarashi Pande who happens to be a woman from Bhopal known to have unyieldingly fought as well have won a court war for all child bride victims the right to...

    Keywords: bhopal news, crime news, spsc, government job

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    Hyderabad police, contract marriage, old city contract marriages, Ap marriages

    Old city contract marriages 04 April 2015

    At Kanchanbagh, the Hyderabad Cops took four people into custody who are connected with this case in particular on  Friday.   Connected with the contract marriage, Shek Mohammad (60) offered to pay Rs.1 lakh to marry an 18 year old girl....

    Keywords: old city, child marriages, child marriages, child marriages

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    Pawan's Third Marriage, Pawan Kalyan's Third Marriage, pawan kalyan s third marriage confirmed, Ap marriages

    Pawan Kalyan's Third Marriage Confirmed 28 December 2013

    The third marriage of Pawan Kalyan has been circulating in the media for some time and so many speculations were going on.  But finally the confirmed news broke with the copy obtained from Registrar's office. Pawan Kalyan married Anna Lezenova...

    Keywords: Tollywood News, Renu Desai, Hyderabad, Anna Lezenova from Australia

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    U.S. Citizens, U.S. Citizens, internet marriages on raise in usa s immigrant communities, Ap marriages

    INTERNET MARRIAGES ON RAISE IN USA's immigrant communities..... 07 March 2013

    A rise in Skype weddings is allowing immigrants to legally gain American citizenship by exchanging vows from opposite ends of the globe, which was revealed today. Moreover, many fear that the proxy online marriages, which allow a couple to wed...

    Keywords: Internet marriages, immigrant communities, Skype weddings, fraud

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    Arranged marriages India, Arranged marriages India, video truth behind arranged marriage, Ap marriages

    Video: Truth behind 'Arranged marriage' 25 October 2014

    The word 'Arranged marriage' means two strangers coming together for the first time and for the rest of the life, they will go hand-in-hand. This is still a tradition that most of the Indians follow [of course, they are love...

    Keywords: Arranged marriages India, weddings in India, Arranged marriages India, Arranged marriage

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    India news, Inter religious marriages, inter religious marriages valid only then madras hc, Ap marriages

    Inter religious marriages valid only then - Madras HC 20 November 2015

    “Either a girl or guy, should convert into opposite person’s religion and only then an inter religious marriage is valid,” the Madras high court said.In Tamilnadu state, a Christian guy married a Hindu girl in a temple and this was severely...

    Keywords: religion, religion, religion, religion

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