Budding Health Cafes

November 07, 2013 16:04
Budding Health Cafes

It is encouraging to know that health cafes are budding up at Mumbai. It is good for the people who are health conscious. Human beings cannot eat only to fill their stomach to survive even if it is healthy food but they need tasty food and good environment to eat in.  

With so much of hype about the healthy food habits thanks to the health consciousness on rise, people are looking for healthy food but with good taste to satisfy the taste longing taste buds.  Mumbai health food joints are coming up with customized dishes to suit the customer.  

The trend once has started in Hyderabad and slowly extended to Vijayawada, Guntur, Tirupati and Vizag which was initiated by a Bangalore based Yoga institute Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) run by Guru Rishi Prabhakar.  

He started yoga camps in which raw food was served. Excepting ragi malt, no other food item needed a stove to cook.  He called it ‘Amruta Ahara’. As the living cells are present in the food items consumed, he called it Amrutha- that is not mruta (dead).  

The yoga camps run by trained teachers showed how raw food with cut vegetables and sprouts mixed with curd, honey can make a tasty and variety food that is easily digestible and do not add any fats and do not increase glucose level. The participants practically with ailments saw their diabetes and high BP coming under control.  

Then many Amrutahara Centers came up to cater the desirous with home supply every day.  But they slowly disappeared as the health consciousness comes either when a physical problem bothers or when they are inspired by a food program by a specialist. Later for the physical problems medication will be started and an inspiration gradually comes down unless a recharging happens.  

Only healthy food the people of AP still inclined to take are fresh fruit juice and coconut water.  Among them again fresh fruit centers do not maintain hygiene and they add sugar to the fruit juice to make it tasty excepting in sugar cane juice.  But the cleanliness they maintain is a known factor and better still to know little about it.   

We do need good health food centers.  But before that we also need demand for such food to raise so that those food centers can survive after meeting the overheads which are high in the cities like Hyderabad.  


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