Some more reasons for abdominal pain

December 20, 2012 20:02
Some more reasons for abdominal pain

Many of us think the general cause of abdominal pain is related to stomach… but it is not so… the term refers to pain felt anywhere in the area between the chest and groin and can involve any of several different organs.

Indigestion is the most common cause for abdominal pain… in order to keep a check to this problem, you need to keep an eye on what are you eating and at what time you are eating… irregular food habits at irregular times will cause indigestion problem that will not only result to abdominal pain but several other problems as well… so, keep a check on your diet to treat your abdominal pain…

Gastroenteritis or Stomach 'flu'… this not only causes a severe chest pain at times, but also curbs your happiness by causing abdominal pain. This is generally caused by a virus or bacterial infection.

The symptoms for this Gastroenteritis are abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue and fever.

Are you okay with eating anywhere? Or do you consider the food hygiene at the place where you are eating… because at least 2 to 4% of population undergoes food allergies, as per the recent researches. And this will definitely result to abdominal pain… so, keep a check on where are you eating as well

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