Breast milk might lead to HIV!

June 18, 2015 17:57
Breast milk might lead to HIV!

“Breast milk that is ordered online is not safe, strictly put it off,” the scientists suggest.

Many of the online markets that sell human breast milk suggest it to be a clean food, which can lead to gains in the gym, and even help with erectile dysfunction and cancer.

But the authors led by Dr Sarah Steele at Queen Mary University of London, write that
Clinically the purported benefits do not work out and raw milk purchased in unpasteurized state poses risks in great number.  
Steele specified that, “the breast milk contains very less proteins compared to cow’s milk. It is in fact, potentially very dangerous, and explains the reasons for it in the below manner.

• Failure of women to sanitize properly when expressing milk.

• The failure to sterilize equipment properly

• Prolonged storage

• Transportation of milk

All the above reasons have an every chance of exposing the consumers to bacterial food-borne illnesses like any other raw milk. Along with the bacterial risks, there are even the chances of infecting to including hepatitis, HIV and syphilis. So the scientists strictly warn to be away from such milk.

By Phani

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