Pawan Kalyan questions Byju's educational system in AP

July 24, 2023 20:34
Pawan Kalyan questions Byju's educational system in AP

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Pawan Kalyan questions Byju's educational system in AP:- Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan is turning back for any reason. He targets the Andhra Pradesh government and its failures in its governance. Janasena going to expose more on volunteer system failure. Pawan Kalyan also targets Byju’s educational system as AP government has sped Rs 580 Cr on Byju’s content only to provide educational content for 8th-standard students.

Byju’s CEO Ravindran has agreed to give free content to 8th-class students as part of CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility). Byju's will only provide content and for that government has to provide tabs for students. AP government has spent Rs 580 Cr only to buy tabs, Pawan Kalyan makes it a point on government expenditure, and questions whether the government will again spend Rs 580 Cr to buy tablets even next year.

Pawan Kalyan said that there is no clarity in YSRCP’s project on how the company will provide the content and how the government will spend the amount. He said, the government has to pay RS 750 Cr to Byju’s ( 15k per student for 5 Lakh students, which is Rs 750 Cr) even next year. He calls it a worthless expenditure, as Byju themselves is providing free content. Students will only get free content for the 8th syllabus and they will not be provided any content for their next class (i.e., 9th). Pawan makes it a point, he questions what students will do to get the 9th standard syllabus.

Janasena supporters flooded Twitter with questions on the YSRCP government on their mismanagement of funds and the education system.

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