Digvijay Singh faces jolt from girl?

May 03, 2014 11:14
Digvijay Singh faces jolt from girl?

As Congress party General Secretary Digvijay Singh boldly admitted his love affair with Rajya Sabha TV Anchor Amrita Ray, the issue has irked congress party leaders and no one is touching it with a pole of 20 feet. 

Although Digvijay says it is his personal affair and he is not like Modi to hide things like marital status, observers do not miss the fact that he admitted only after the photos and videos circulated on social network. 

But Digivijay’s aides are not satisfied with it.  The question before them is who recorded their close relation and how and why it is revealed to public. It is found that the photos are available on the personal computer of the anchor lover of Diggie.

Digvijay Singh declared that he will marry Amrita soon after she gets divorce from the court where their mutual consent papers were already filed.  But he is forced to do it only because of the photos went viral.  That means he was cornered to admit the affair and also the remedial measure i.e., marrying Amrita Ray.  Who could have done it and with which motive?

The close ones to Digvijay Singh are of the opinion as sources reveal that the main person engineered all of it has to be Amrita alone.  She might not have relied on the promises made by Digvijay Singh.  Once it is admitted by Digvijay Singh in public, now it amounts to marrying leaving the part of the ritual after she gets legal permission to do so. 

Who can have access to the photos of their intimate relationship but for Amrita?  And who can steal those photos from her PC without her knowing about it?  The suspicion rose only because of her statement that her personal computer was hacked.

We do not know for sure about the whole affair.  But, the fact is those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at each other as it will damage the very house they dwell.   Digvijay Singh’s big mouth while criticizing others made him get from others now although it is his personal thing. 

Political leaders may need a vent after they are engaged in serious strategic plays in the politics and it may be more so when they engage in cut throat competition as it is evident in cases came out in public of Congress party leaders apart from Digvijay Singh, like ND Tiwari, Shashi Tharoor and also eligible bachelor Rahul Gandhi.

But a public figure cannot say that something is private when the act challenges the social norms prevailing in the society.  A leader should always be an ideal personality so that people will follow him and also assured of the up keeping of traditional values in the society.


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