Born with Silver spoon, not easy to Rule!

July 01, 2014 16:43
Born with Silver spoon, not easy to Rule!

Indian National Congress alias Congress party is currently more bothered about leadership rather than the nation.  The next big thing in Congress is who will lead the party in 2019 elections and slowly many leaders are opening up about their views on the brand Gandhi family. Well Rahul Gandhi name will pop out immediately but seems like the Rahul himself is disinterested in the job.

Rahul has took the campaign responsible during elections and toured throughout the nation. However the results weren't that great and shockingly, Congress could not even win single seat in almost ten states. What Congress really lacks is the strong leadership like the BJP. Announcing the Prime Ministerial candidate, BJP went to the elections with pre-planning and hit the Congress at right areas where the nation is also struggling.

Digvijay Singh comments on Rahul Gandhi


Changing the track, for the past few days, discussion about Rahul Gandhi's temperament to rule is being talked and with party's General Secretary Digvijay Singh's indirect remarks on the Prince Gandhi, a new hope raised among the senior leaders in Congress. But one needs to understand that, the non-Gandhi Congress leaders always and will forever rely on the Gandhi family and can never, ever chair AICC top slot. It is as simple as that. It all started with defeat in the Uttar Pradesh elections, followed by Five states elections in 2013 and then the general elections 2014. In all these, Rahul was aggressively pushed but with his cute looks he attracted the public however could not get their votes. This was the sole reason Sonia stayed back by not announcing Rahul for the PM post.


After the elections, Priyanka Gandhi's name was more heard than Rahul for her extraordinary work in Amethi and Rae Bareli. Several leaders opted her name for the president post but Sonia has restricted the emergence of Priyanka. Perhaps, Rahul Gandhi knew about his leadership qualities and so rejected to be leader of opposition in Lok Sabha. In fact, being a opposition leader is one of its kind role for any leader who can throw the government into defense. Rahul missed the golden opportunity to prove his leadership capabilities and eventually lost the hope to lead the Congress.


All in all we can say, Rahul is born with silver spoon but not that easy to rule or lead!


(AW: Vamshi)

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