Why Sreesanth is being painted dark?

May 21, 2013 17:07
Why Sreesanth is being painted dark?

The allegation is Sreesanth's involvement in the spot-fixing in IPL.  The question is whether there is enough evidence or not to charge him in the crime.  If not he need not be hit by throwing other things not connected with the crime.  

No doubt the spot fixing amounts to cheating the public and involves an un-healthy practice that makes a lot of illegal money circulate in the country.  But if the evidence is not enough, he need not be blamed with something not connected with the probe such as finding the photographs of women, his moving with them, finding condoms in his hotel room and other sundry details.  

All of a sudden a celebrity, a pride of the country became a villain of a movie surrounded by half naked women dancing and pouring whiskey in his glass.  His ambition to become an actor in a multi starrer movie which he wanted to produce also became news now.  

One cannot say that police is always right.  In many cases, fake encounters came to light.  After starting the probe if enough evidence is not gathered to book a case, one can hardly expect an admission from the police that they made a mistake and they were sorry.  They leak many unconnected details to the media with which the media makes a colorful story out of it to tell the way it becomes interesting adding past photographs from their libraries or downloaded from internet.  Now, how their case will be proved when a statement is taken from them when their advocate or a magistrate was not present?  It may not stand in a court.  But whatever harm could be done in the meanwhile is done to the players by exposing them to the public painting them in dark!

If the public is cheated as the police defend their actions, who is cheated?  The persons who are betting?  Do Delhi and Mumbai police want to safe guard the interests of the persons engaged in speculations about the wickets and runs?  

It is only spot-fixing at present but in the past, we have come to know of the match fixings by cricketers but nobody was arrested or their private life was made public!  

Cricketer Kapildev shed tears when he was accused of match fixing.  But it was no proof to say that he committed the crime.  But in the case of Sreesanth, Delhi police say that he was all in tears in the police station when he was questioned as if it is a proof or admission for a crime.  It is but natural for a celebrity confined in a police station to feel emotionally low and to get chocked up for the sudden disrespect.  

Details of the investigation are never passed on to the media by investigating agency when the investigation is going on.  The petty details come to surface only when the investigation encounters a dead end and no potential evidence is found.  


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