Care with contact lenses

March 28, 2013 15:56
Care with contact lenses

One teenager from Pembroke, Florida had met with a threatening condition after she refused t take care of her contact lenses properly. The resulting infection progressed so far as to deprive her of her eye sight. A parasite grew on her lens that was not cleaned properly and then started devouring her cornea.

She approached the doctors after one of her eye was greatly inflamed and was red in appearance while the other eye was feeling just fine. The opticians who couldn't understand why only one eye was inflamed found out that her left eye was infected and that the parasite was chewing into her cornea slowly.

18 year old Hyde had acanthamoeba infection. This is a fairly common bacteria that lives in soil and water which can easily spread through the cuts in the skin, or through contact lenses. It can also be inhaled into the body. By the time she approached the hospital, Hyde was already suffering from poor vision in the left eye.

The opticians had to drill into her eye and scrape the surface to confirm the parasite. Such kind of contact lenses were supposed to be thrown away everyday to be replaced by new ones. Neglecting the health of the eye is definitely not a healthy practice. Dr Adam Clarin adds that such cases were a daily problem where contact lenses were responsible for the infections of the eye.

If ever you feel inflammation in the eyes, photosensitivity among other symptoms go to a optician immediately who might prescribe eye drops if the situation is identified in the nascent stages. Corneal transplants may be required if it is too severe.

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