Dear Modi haters, please read the news, not the speculations - An open letter to Modi haters

May 16, 2015 17:13
Dear Modi haters, please read the news, not the speculations - An open letter to Modi haters

Currently, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in his China visit. As a part of this visit, he promotes 'Make in India' to Chinese CEO and the entrepreneurs in a meeting held in Shanghai. In less than an hour, the social media flooded with compliments, comments, and complaints.

Though the Chaiwala turned PM doesn’t need to impress anyone through his words and deeds, his honest service often gets criticizing and the morons are on rise these days.

Their version is ‘China is the top notch manufacturer of foreign goods. From needle to Air Plane, they make everything and exports to US and European nations. So why should China opt for this initiative?’
My request to all those junk heads is, dear Bros, please read the news, not the speculations.

Many of us know that China tops in manufacturing counterfeit products. Even a report released by UN office two years ago confirms that. It also stated that 70% of all counterfeits seized globally come from China between 2008 to 2010.   

Why China?  The answer is intuitive. 

China has become the world’s workshop: it is the world’s leading exporter with approximately 70% of Chinese exports consisting of manufactured goods. 

‘Supply chains for most western companies now stretch in and out of China, encompassing suppliers in lakhs who provide the necessary ecosystem for this scale of manufacturing.

The same ecosystem also supports counterfeiters, whether directly (leakage of product out of a legitimate supply chain), or indirectly (drawing on local manufacturing expertise and suppliers to set up illegitimate manufacturing sites). 

Another fact is that by outsourcing to China many companies lose control of their own supply chains.

The Chinese authorities are aware of the problem, and periodically stage raids, seizures, and shut down illicit factories.  In 2011 the Chinese government conducted a year-long enforcement drive, arresting thousands of suspected counterfeiters and closing numerous factories.  This was followed by a similar effort in 2012.

The Chinese government itself is fighting the use of counterfeit software by its own bureaucracy, a fact openly discussed in the Chinese press. The UN report specifically highlights the need for companies to introduce better and more secure technology to protect products and monitor the supply chain; the need for better consumer awareness and education.

The fact that large Chinese brands themselves are worried about counterfeiting.

My dear brainy friends, China is not a manufacturer of genuine products. The ‘China brand’ is well popular among the masses as low quality ones.

Our Prime Minister has assured the Chinese CEOs that he pays his personal attention for their success in India. This is what has driven many to come forward for ‘Make in India’.

Hence please wake up and support for ‘Make in India’.

‘Con’gress Farce

A son of an Italian mistress, while doing padayatra yesterday named Telangana Chief Minister as ‘mini Modi’.

mini-modi, micro-modi, Mega modi, Giga modi, big-modi, small-modi. Really, is this what he has learnt in Bangkok ?

Also many tabloids who have limited their knowledge to page 3 issues started rattling Modi that the nation has gained nothing in his one year of dictatorship.

I am signing off with this. Can these 50 paise paparazzis make sound, if he is really a dictator?

- Manohar

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