Rayala Telangana For Political Gains?

December 03, 2013 11:30
Rayala Telangana For Political Gains?

If the Government is toying with the idea of bifurcating the State of Andhra Pradesh carving out Rayala Telangana out of it, why so?  What will be the benefits Congress Government reaps out of it?  The benefits will be in the two regions.

The Congress party is not getting the credit desired if not deserved in case of its hard stand in favor of forming a separate Telangana State.  The credit is going to TRS and KCR in particular as their demand was for 10 districts of Telangana with Hyderabad and nothing short of it.  If the same is given Congress will be digging its own grave if TRS doesn’t merge with Congress party and TRS as feared is not showing any enthusiasm in merging the party with Congress party.  If Telangana State is not formed TRS flags are all ready to rise again.  If Telangana State is formed it amounts to the win of TRS in which case TRS gets absolute majority in the elections.  Now if Rayala Telangana is declared, then the supremacy of TRS can be checked.

Jagan’s strength will come down when two of the four Rayalaseema districts are merged with Telangana and TDP’s strength will come down in Seemandhra.  The RayalaTelangana will have 147 Assembly seats and 21 Parliamentary seats on par with Seemandhra.  YSR Congress leader Shobha Nagireddy said that the Congress and TDP put together are not able to face Jagan Mohan Reddy politically.  The conspiracy will not stand as the people can see through the dubious designs of divide and rule and the party condemns it.

MIM party is in favor of Rayala Telangana to pull the leg of BJP in the State.  And the MIM support is needed by the Congress party in the State.  BJP has been opposing Rayala Telangana proposal because of it.

Srikrishna Committee recommended Rayala Telangana as its option No.5.

If we see other benefits than political in it, the Rayala Telangana will get a Hyderabad Bangalore Highway as Seemandhra has Grand Trunk Road.  Kurnool and Ananthapur brings Krishna water basin to Telangana that will stop possible water wars in future. Tungabhadra water also will belong to Telangana then.  The rich minerals of Telangana are useful to Ananthapur Cement factories.

Now only hurdle is, TRS is not in favor of Rayala Telangana as it loses its hold if two districts of Rayalaseema are added to it as the TRS is afraid of the representations from the Rayalaseema region.  BJP’s fighting against Rayala Telangana also may pose a problem to the Congress party as the party is counting on the support BJP promised to give in the parliament if Telangana Bill is introduced.  Now BJP says that it will give support only if Telangana with 10 districts are formed but not with Kurnool and Chittore. Congress party cannot expect support from BJP to cut its throat!


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