• Telangana polls 2023, KCR Kamareddy news, kcr to contest from kamareddy, Kcr

    KCR to contest from Kamareddy? 20 July 2023

    KCR to contest from Kamareddy?:- Telangana chief minister KCR is to leave his constituency Gajwel and plans to contest from Kamareddy assembly constituency in upcoming assembly elections. KCR won four times from Siddipet as a TDP candidate in United Andhra...

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    BRS survey team, Telangana elections, 25 survey teams working for kcr, Kcr

    25 Survey Teams Working for KCR 30 August 2023

    25 Survey Teams Working for KCR:- Telangana Chief Minister and BRS Chief KCR has already released the list of BRS candidates for 115 constituencies for the upcoming elections. Now he is having second thoughts about changing the candidates. He deployed...

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    Telangana - welfare schemes, crop loan waiver, kcr implements rythu bandhu loan waiver, Kcr

    KCR implements Rythu Bandhu & Loan Waiver 26 August 2023

    KCR implements Rythu Bandhu & Loan Waiver:- Telangana chief minister KCR has credited the Rythu Bandhu aid and crop loan waiver amount to the agricultural family accounts. Due to rain, the crop was damaged to the greatest extent, after the...

    Keywords: crop loan waiver, Telangana rythu bandhu, Rythu Bandhu news, Rythu Bandhu news

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    Gudiwada Amarnath about AP, Gudiwada Amarnath about AP, gudiwada amarnath counter to kcr land prices comment, Kcr

    Gudiwada Amarnath Counter To KCR Land Prices Comment 24 June 2023

    Gudiwada Amarnath Counter To KCR Land Prices Comment:- Andhra Pradesh minister Gudiwada Amarnath responded to the Telangana CM KCR comments regarding the land value in their state. KCR in a public meeting in Patancheru after laying the foundation stone for...

    Keywords: Gudiwada Amarnath, Gudiwada Amarnath about Telangana, Gudiwada Amarnath updates, Gudiwada Amarnath on KCR

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    KCR first list, BRS first list, kcr announces his first list, Kcr

    KCR Announces His First List 21 August 2023

    KCR Announces His First List:- BRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao has announced his first list of candidates at the party headquarters, Telangana Bhavan. Leaving Korutla, Secunderabad Cantonment, Mulugu, Kamareddy, Vemulawada, Wyra, Huzurabad, Station Ghanpur and Asifabad, BRS has not changed...

    Keywords: Gajwel and Kamareddy member, Bharat Rastra Samithi candidates, KCR constituencies, KCR first list

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    Rally in Nampally exhibition ground, CPS System in Telangana, ts employees demand ops, Kcr

    TS Employees Demand OPS 14 August 2023

    TS Employees Demand OPS:- Telangana state government employees held a huge rally at Nampally Exhibition Ground demanding for old pension scheme (OPS) replacement. They asked Telangana chief minister KCR to replace the scheme before the elections. From all 33 districts,...

    Keywords: CPS System in Telangana, BRS, Government employees support for BRS, OPS

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    BRS, Telangana news, unemployment allowances in telangana, Kcr

    Unemployment Allowances In Telangana 11 August 2023

    Unemployment Allowances In Telangana:- While Telangana is heading towards the most powerful state in South India, with drastic development in Hyderabad, the government is still considering paying an allowance for unemployees in the state rather than searching for ways to...

    Keywords: BJP, Telangana news, BRS welfare schemes, congress

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    Telangana Congress, KCR, kcr s counter for congress through dharani, Kcr

    KCR's Counter For Congress Through Dharani 07 June 2023

    KCR's Counter For Congress Through Dharani:- Telangana Chief Minister KCR addressed a public meeting at Nagarkurnool on Tuesday. He was there to inaugurate Nagarkurnool district Collectorate, SP office and BRS office. On this occasion, he made his point on the...

    Keywords: KCR for Congress, Telangana Congress, KCR for Congress breaking news, KCR for Congress sattire

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    KCR lucky number, BRS office, brs first list of candidates will be out today, Kcr

    BRS First List Of Candidates Will Be Out Today 21 August 2023

    BRS First List Of Candidates Will Be Out Today:- Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) will release its first list of candidates for the forthcoming assembly elections. BRS is getting ready for the third consecutive win and trying to get their better...

    Keywords: KCR lucky number, BRS candidates list, BRS news, BRS list of candidates

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    Rahul Gandhi speech, Rahul Gandhi Telangana, kcr is remote in modi s hand rahul gandhi, Kcr

    KCR is Remote in Modi's Hand: Rahul Gandhi 03 July 2023

    KCR is Remote in Modi's Hand: Rahul Gandhi:- Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has addressed a huge public meeting in Khammam, Telangana. Rahul Gandhi alleged that KCR led Bharathiya Rashthra Samithi (BRS) as the B team for the BJP. KCR is...

    Keywords: Telangana Congress, Rahul Gandhi breaking news, Rahul Gandhi latest updates, Telangana Congress

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    TamiliSai Soundarajan, BRS, telangana governor rejects two brs mlc nominations, Kcr

    Telangana Governor Rejects Two BRS MLC nominations 26 September 2023

    Telangana Governor Rejects Two BRS MLC nominations:- Telangana Governor TamiliSai sparks into a fresh row. TamiliSai Soundarajan has rejected the BRS leaders MLC nomination, who were proposed by the state government. Dasoju Sravan Kumar and K Satyanarayana were proposed as...

    Keywords: Telangana Governor rejection, K Satyanarayana, Telangana Governor TamiliSai, K Satyanarayana

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    DK Aruna Bus Yatra, Amit SHah public meeting, bjp struggle for right candidate, Kcr

    BJP Struggle For Right Candidate 17 August 2023

    BJP Struggle For Right Candidate:- Ahead of the upcoming Telangana assembly elections, BJP is struggling to project the right candidate before voters. BJP needs a face who is ready for a tug of war with BRS chief KCR with debates...

    Keywords: Telangana BJP updates, BJP CM Candidates, KCR Vs BJP, DK Aruna Bus Yatra

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    Nine New Medical Colleges, Nine New Medical Colleges, kcr inaugurates nine new medical colleges in telangana, Kcr

    KCR inaugurates Nine New Medical Colleges in Telangana 15 September 2023

    KCR inaugurates Nine New Medical Colleges in Telangana:- Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has inaugurated nine new Medical Colleges in the state virtually today. The medical colleges are constructed in Kamareddy, Karimnagar, Khammam, Jayashankar Bhupalapally, Komaram Bheem Asifabad, Nirmal,...

    Keywords: Telangana Medical Colleges latest, Telangana Medical Colleges, Telangana Medical Colleges latest updates, Telangana Medical Colleges latest

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    BRS candidates list, Congress president revanth reddy, revanth reddy s promise to farmers, Kcr

    Revanth Reddy's Promise to Farmers 22 August 2023

    Revanth Reddy's Promise to Farmers:- TPCC President Revanth Reddy addressed the media after the BRS chief released his first list of candidates. He showed his confidence of winning in the election after looking at the list of the BRS candidates....

    Keywords: Revanth on loan waiver, Congress president revanth reddy, Revanth on loan waiver, BRS candidates list

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    KCR Maharasthra updates, KCR Maharasthra latest, kcr heads to maharashtra for two day tour, Kcr

    KCR Heads To Maharashtra For Two-Day Tour 28 June 2023

    KCR Heads To Maharashtra For Two-Day Tour:- Telangana chief minister and BRS chief KCR headed to Maharashtra on Monday. Ahead of the western states assembly elections, KCR is concentrating on Maharashtra as part of its mission to expand Bharat Rashtra...

    Keywords: KCR Maharasthra breaking news, BRS, KCR Maharasthra meeting, KCR Maharashtra alliance

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    KCR new politics, KCR, kcr talks about his political friends, Kcr

    KCR Talks about His Political Friends 03 August 2023

    KCR Talks about His Political Friends:- Rahul Gandhi and all the 29 opposition party leaders in the nation joined hands and formed I.N.D.I.A. Telangana chief minister and BRS party leader KCR was never part of it. He was never invited...

    Keywords: KCR latest, KCR interview, KCR politics, KCR BRS

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    BRS, JP updates, jp calls kcr a habitual fraudster, Kcr

    JP calls KCR a Habitual Fraudster 26 July 2023

    JP calls KCR a Habitual Fraudster:- Ahead of the Telangana assembly election, the ruling party BRS is pouring funds into the Telangana state public. With just four months left for the upcoming elections, BRS has launched a welfare scheme of...

    Keywords: JP latest, JP Telangana, JP BRS, BRS

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    Amara Jyothi Marty's Memorial, KCR, kcr unveils amara jyothi marty s memorial, Kcr

    KCR unveils Amara Jyothi Marty's Memorial 23 June 2023

    KCR unveils Amara Jyothi Marty's Memorial:- Telangana chief minister KCR as a tribute to the several hundreds of people who sacrificed their life for the cause of a separate state has unveiled an Amara Jyothi Telangana Martyrs Memorial. This is...

    Keywords: KCR, Amara Jyothi Marty's Memorial news, KCR, Amara Jyothi Marty's Memorial breaking news

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    Harish Rao supporters, Harish Rao supporters, differences in kcr family, Kcr

    Differences in KCR Family? 17 August 2023

    Differences in KCR Family?:- Ahead of the forthcoming Telangana assembly elections, BRS leaders are expecting tickets and mounting pressure on the KCR family. Many leaders in BRS are close associates of either BRS chief KCR or to his son KTR...

    Keywords: Joginpally Santosh Kumar, Joginpally Santosh Kumar, Joginpally Santosh Kumar, KTR supporters

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    KCR about Hyderabad Metro, Hyderabad Metro news, hyderabad metro rail to have a new look, Kcr

    Hyderabad Metro Rail To Have A New Look 11 July 2023

    Hyderabad Metro Rail To Have A New Look:- Telangana chief minister KCR on Monday moved the much-delayed project of metro rail connectivity for Hyderabad's old city. Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao said this through his social...

    Keywords: Hyderabad Metro Rail, Hyderabad Metro new announcement, Hyderabad Metro Rail, Hyderabad Metro in Old City

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