UN Condemns on the rise in assault on women!

January 01, 2013 11:59
UN Condemns on the rise in assault on women!

The sudden upward surge in assault on women and girl children, alarms international organizations. Once India was considered as the safest place for women, but the recent incidents have marred the image of this nation. Culture rich country is now looked down by elite global nations due to the increase in crime rate against weaker sex.

United Nations, global statutory body monitoring women welfare lamented its concern. UNICEF, an offshoot of UN had showed its concern over uneven raise in crime rate against women in India.

Louis Georges, official representative of UNICEF expressed his grievous concern over the issue.  He said, of every three crimes recorded in India, one was assault on the weaker sex, which sets a bad precedent to this democratic nation.

He added, crime stats suggest that nearly 7200 crimes on women, were recorded and this must be curbed at the earliest with stringent laws.

A Westerner by origin, Georges claimed that India had high regards for women in its society hierarchy, the sudden denigration was condemnable.

He also expressed in spite of the growth at all levels, the position of women within the society and at home seem to be deteriorating which is disturbing.

Wishesh conclusion: The culture rich India adored women as the Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Paravthi and as Goddess Saraswathi, the three gods who were significant for wealth, courage and knowledge. Even the nation was named as Bharath Mata or Mother India..yet the death of our sister  in Delhi after a brutal and beastly assault is a disgrace to this nation...we bend our heads in shame...

Let us all vow on this New Year's day that we will take utmost caution in seeing that another sister would not face similar or even a lesser trauma faced by her...ever in the future. Let us all respect the women in every character that decorates our existence. This shall surely assure that there shall not be  another  Amanat aka Damini aka Nirbhaya in future. (Wishesh AarKay)

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