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  • advocate Ram Jethmalani, advocate Ram Jethmalani, asaram s rape victim is neither mental nor adult, Sexual assault

    Asaram's rape victim is neither mental nor adult 18 September 2013

    Accused for attempt to rape, Asaram Bapu is currently under lock and key at Jodhpur Central Jail. On Wednesday, his case is up for hearing at the Rajasthan High Court. The self-styled godman wants a bail, but the court has...

    Keywords: Asaram Bapu bail plea, advocate Ram Jethmalani, Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur Central Jail

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    Sabarirajan, Vasanthakumar, goondas act on four accused in pollachi sexual assault case, Sexual assault

    Goondas Act On Four Accused In Pollachi Sexual Assault Case 12 March 2019

    Goondas Act On Four Accused In Pollachi Sexual Assault Case:- The Pollachi sexual assault case created enough sensation across the country. The cops slapped Goondas Act on the four accused in the case and all the four accused have been...

    Keywords: Thirunavukkarasu, Pollaci sexual assault case, Sabarirajan, Thirunavukkarasu

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    Walmart, Binny Bansal resignation, flipkart group ceo binny bansal resigns after sexual assault, Sexual assault

    Flipkart Group CEO Binny Bansal Resigns After Sexual Assault 14 November 2018

    Flipkart Group CEO Binny Bansal Resigns After Sexual Assault:- Binny Bansal, the head of Warlmart India's Flipkart Group submitted his resignation after a serious personal misconduct allegation. A statement has been issued by Walmart about this and going into the...

    Keywords: Binny Bansal news, Binny Bansal, Binny Bansal next, Binny Bansal news

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    rape, Minor, minor raped by 22 men for seven months in chennai, Sexual assault

    Minor Raped By 22 Men For Seven Months In Chennai 17 July 2018

    Minor Raped By 22 Men For Seven Months In Chennai:- In an extremely distressing and hideous crime, a minor girl was raped by 22 men for a period of seven months, which took place in Chennai. A class seven girl...

    Keywords: sexual assault, Chennai, sexual assault, Chennai

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    sexual assault, Facebook, greenpeace alleged for coverup of rape and sexual assault, Sexual assault

    Greenpeace alleged for coverup of rape and sexual assault 16 June 2015

    An ex-employee (name withheld) of Greenpeace, through an article has alleged that she had to leave her job in 2013 after being sexually harassed and raped by her colleagues. She said that her ordeal started a year after she had...

    Keywords: Greenpeace, rape, Greenpeace, rape

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    Prabhu Ramamoorthy arrested, Indian man arrested on flight, indian man arrested for sexually harassing us woman on flight, Sexual assault

    Indian Man Arrested For Sexually Harassing US Woman On Flight 05 January 2018

    Indian Man Arrested For Sexually Harassing US Woman On Flight:- In a shocking incident, a 34-year-old Indian man has been arrested for sexually harassing 22-year-old US woman on flight who was sitting next to him. This may be a surprise...

    Keywords: Prabhu Ramamoorthy news, Prabhu Ramamoorthy news, Prabhu Ramamoorthy case, Prabhu Ramamoorthy arrested

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    Delhi government, Pratidhi, two finger test violated a victim s right to privacy, Sexual assault

    Two finger test, violated a victim’s right to privacy 08 June 2015

    Delhi government’s controversial advisory to hospitals to not completely ban the per vaginal examination, also known as the two-finger test, of victims of sexual assault has put on hold. “Since there is scope for misinterpretation of the advisory, the chief...

    Keywords: Sexual assault, AAP, NGO, Delhi government

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    Asaram Bapu tested

    Asaram Bapu's lies exposed 02 September 2013

    We have witnessed once again how self proclaimed godmen are not all they portray to be. Contentious godman Asaram Bapu, who was arrested from his Indore ashram on Sunday for sexually assaulting a minor, has been tested “potent”. The 72-year-old...

    Keywords: Jodhpur Police, sexual assault, Asaram Bapu tested "potent", sexual assault

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    Supreme Court, Supreme grants bail to Tejpal, supreme grants bail to tejpal, Sexual assault

    Supreme grants bail to Tejpal 01 July 2014

    Tehelka founder, editor Tarun Tejal was granted bail by the Supreme Court on Tuesday in connection with the sexual assault case. Tejpal has been involved in a alleged rape, sexually harassing and outraging the modesty of his colleague at an...

    Keywords: Quick news, Tarun Tejal, Tehelka editor Tarun Tejal, Supreme Court

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    Indian-Origin Doctor In UK Charged, Indian-Origin Doctor In UK Charged, indian origin doctor in uk charged with 118 sex offences, Sexual assault

    Indian-Origin Doctor In UK Charged With 118 Sex Offences 03 August 2017

    Indian-Origin Doctor In UK Charged With 118 Sex Offences:- An Indian-origin doctor in London, United Kingdom has been charged with a total of 118 sexual offences. The London Metropolitan Police identified the man as Manish Shah (47) from Brunel Close,...

    Keywords: Indian-Origin Doctor, Manish Shah, Manish Shah, Manish Shah

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    Tantrik, sexual assault, tantrik caught trying to rape women promising cancer cure, Sexual assault

    Tantrik Caught Trying to Rape Women Promising Cancer Cure 15 October 2016

    In a shocking incident, a self proclaimed exorcist sexually, exploiting women in name of treating them or freeing them from evil spirits. The tantrik however has been arrested from Kaimur district in south western Bihar for allegedly trying to rape...

    Keywords: arrest, Tantrik, Tantrik, Patna

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    Goa Court, Tarun Tejpal's sexual assault, sexual potency test on tejpal, Sexual assault

    Sexual Potency Test on Tejpal 02 December 2013

    Former Tehalka Editor Tarun Tejpal is in the police custody at Goa for his alleged involvement in the sexual assault on a female colleague Journalist. Goa Court has ordered for a six days’ remand to him. Tejpal (50) Editor of...

    Keywords: Former Tehalka Editor Tarun Tejpal, Goa Court, Goa Court, sexual assault case on Tarun Tejpal

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    Police Failed to Arrest Tahelka Editor Tejpal, Tahelka Editor Tarun Tejpal, police failed to arrest tahelka editor tejpal, Sexual assault

    Police Failed to Arrest Tahelka Editor Tejpal 29 November 2013

    The Goa Police equipped with a non-bailable warrant in the case of sexual assault on his colleague woman journalist could not find him at his Delhi residence at Jangpura in South Delhi. The police went to his residence at about...

    Keywords: Police Failed to Arrest Tahelka Editor Tejpal, non-bailable warrant on Tarun Tejpal, non-bailable warrant on Tarun Tejpal, Tarun Tejpal's sexual assault case

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    telugu movies, telugu movies, they need an excuse to expose, Sexual assault

    They Need An Excuse To Expose 16 December 2013

    Film Makers need some excuse or other to expose the female beauty. It can be an educating movie in which hero or heroine doesn’t know or allergic to sexual relation. Or it can be a story line in which a...

    Keywords: telugu movies, Actress Nitya Menon, harassments, gang rapes

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    in the news, Tarun Tejpal sexual harassment case, chargesheet filed against tejpal, Sexual assault

    Chargesheet filed against Tejpal 17 February 2014

    The Goa Police have filed a chargesheet today against the former Editor of Tehelka magazine Tarun Tejpal claiming rape and sexual harassment on his fellow journalist. The Crime Branch police reported in their chargesheet that they have sufficient evidence to...

    Keywords: Tehelka journalist sexual assault, chargesheet against Tarun Tejpal, Tehelka ThinkFest, Tehelka scandal

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    Tehelka founder Tarun Tejpal, Tarun Tejpal, tejpal bail extended, Sexual assault

    Tejpal bail extended 03 June 2014

    The Supreme Court on Tuesday has extended Tehelka founder, editor Tarun Tejpal's interim bail till June 27 who was arrested in a sexual assault case. The apex court had on May 19 granted Tejpal bail for three weeks allowing him...

    Keywords: Quick News, Tejpal bail extended, Supreme Court, Tarun Tejpal

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    P Sathasivam, Sexual Assault Case, sc agrees to take up sexual assault case against sc judge, Sexual assault

    SC Agrees To Take Up Sexual Assault Case Against SC Judge 13 January 2014

    Allegations made against the retired Supreme Court Judge Swatanter Kumar by the former Law intern have come to Supreme Court today. As the case is marked urgent the Chief Justice P Sathasivam accepted it to take up on January 15....

    Keywords: P Sathasivam, Case Against SC Judge, Sexual Assault Case, Suprime Court

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    Tarun Tejpal interim bail, Supreme Court extends Tarun Tejpal bail, tejpal interim bail extended, Sexual assault

    Tejpal interim bail extended 27 June 2014

    Tehelka founder editor Tarun Tejpal interim bail has been extended till July 1 in a sexual assault case by the Supreme Court. On May19th Tejpal was granted three weeks bail following the death of his mother. This was later extended...

    Keywords: Quick News, Supreme Court extends Tarun Tejpal bail, Tejpal interim bail extended, Tehelka founder editor Tarun Tejpal

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    National News, devilish incident, one year to nirbhaya incident, Sexual assault

    One Year To Nirbhaya Incident 16 December 2013

    The devilish incident of sexual assault on a medical student in a running bus in South Delhi that shook entire nation happened exactly one year ago.  Everyone was upset by it and wanted so rigorous a punishment to the culprits...

    Keywords: India News, India News, gang rape on Nirbhaya, Delhi Gang Rape Case

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    Asaram Bapu and his Son charged for sexual assaults, Asaram Bapu, asaram bapu s son on lookout, Sexual assault

    Asaram Bapu's Son on Lookout 07 October 2013

    Asaram Bapu the self made godman who is already in judicial custody and in the Jodhpur jail since August facing rape charges on a minor girl living in his Ashram.   Now he and his son Narayana Sai were both...

    Keywords: Narayana Sai son of Asaram Bapu, Surat Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana, Asaram Bapu's Son Narayana Sai, Narayana Sai son of Asaram Bapu

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