May Suman's soul rest in peace.......

September 08, 2012 12:09
May Suman's soul rest in peace.......

writer-suman-01ETV Suman, as he is popularly called, was the Maestro of arts and a multi facted personality. After finishing his Masters in Communications and Journalism from Osmania University, he went to the US. There he pursued his education in Journalism. Directing all his efforts towards his goals he mastered the art of narrating. But initially he took to journalism as an intern on his father, Ramoji Rao's flagship company Eenadu daily. He later with his shrewdness, rose as high as being the member of the editorial board. Unfortunately due to his frankness he had encountered many enemies. Infact at times he never relented to see the wrong even with his kith and kin. His famous quote was, 'I could fight cancer in my body but I failed to fight the cancer within the family.'

writer-suman-02Versatile Entertainment Maniac: Suman was an all time multi talented scion of the Ramoji clan. He donned various avatars to promote his sops, some were hilarious, some where were melodramatic while some were dudes too. The actor cum writer, poet cum lyricist, composer cum singer, director cum producer had led a life that was etched out in a neat schedule to incorporate his multi faceted activity. Inspite of his hectic appointment with Arts, he never neglected his day-to-day affairs as the administrative head of the group. The 45 years old Suman was the small screen's Badshah, who churned out immense sops that were acclaimed by many. His famous family drama serials included Antarangalu, Sneha, Ladies Detective, Yendamavulu and Kalankitha.

writer-suman-03Friend indeed: From an unknown person to being the most sought after celebrity status of Prabhakar, is exclusively, due to the courtesy of Suman. As a man who gave importance to friendship, Suman went all out in supporting the candidature of Prabhakar. There was a time when Suman did not see into the eyes of his father media baron Ramoji Rao due to this. Later the real friend he is that when Prabhakar was ejected out of the company, Suman too walked out in protest and started a protest against his kith and kin over the autocratic attitude.

writer-suman-04Film star Suman: A winner all through, Suman had a penchant for acting and he embarked on telefilms. He produced directed and acted in films that were restricted to ETV channels only. And worldwide Telugu audiences were enthralled for being connected to their roots. Suman service to the development of the channel was immense. His death was grieved by many stalwarts across the show business. On the whole the mother of arts has lost an intelligent ward and one such multi talented is no where in the vicinity.

writer-suman-05To keep himself more composed, probably he went on an poetic voyage under the aegis of his Guru. He embarked on various poetic trips in the literary valleys. His poetic composure are well scripted in books. Well as the son of a media doyen and he as the managing director of the ETV group, everything was at source. But because of his penchant for arts, he became popular. The popularity soar so high that probably he finished his work enough for several hundred years, when he was just 45 years old. And the sad departure of the great soul was reverberated all across the nation when the funeral was laid in the famous Ramoji Film City. Many prominent from all walks of life attended the last journey of the departed soul.

writer-suman-06Sources say that Cherukuri Suman was under the treatment for cancer from the past 6 years and has breathe his last in the wee hours of Friday. He was 45 and is survived by two daughters and a son. Eminent journalists, film personalities and politicians condoled the demise of Suman. Wishesh prays for his soul to rest in peace. We join our readers in condoling the death of the Maestro of Arts. (With inputs from internet-AW AarKay)


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