How to Withdraw Ordinance Now- Govt. Toys

October 02, 2013 11:10
How to Withdraw Ordinance Now- Govt. Toys

The Government is toying with the idea as to how the Ordinance can be withdrawn now without damaging the party's stature and upholding the dignity of the law makers.

The remarks of Rahul Gandhi on the Ordinance in question made ripples in the Congress party and members of UPA.  The timing is also unfortunate for the public outburst of Rahul Gandhi calling the Ordinance passed by the Cabinet at which time Dr.Manmohan Singh was at USA.

However the Prime Minister said while leaving USA that he will not resign but will talk to Rahul on the issue.  He said when the issues in democracy rise a discussion is what is required not resignation.  He also said that he has no control on what people say.

The meeting of Rahul and Manmohan Singh lasted for 20 minutes.  Manmohan Singh is also going meet the President with whom the Ordinance is pending for his final approval.  But before meeting the President, the Prime Minister will have a series of meetings with Congress Core Committee and Cabinet.

The Cabinet is looking for the ways to withdraw the Ordinance gracefully without mentioning Rahul’s outburst.  It also doesn’t want to get a name that the Government protects convicted lawmakers.

Congress party’s ingenuity in strategic moves appears in the incident that is looking as turmoil in the congress party.  But it is to disarm the opposition party as the issue has become a focal point in the country and for BJP that gave representation to the President not to approve the ordinance calling it as unconstitutional.

Now the Government wants to withdraw the ordinance as a gesture of respect to the public opinion.


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