New Delhi Youngsters flirt with cobra's drug on Valentines day

February 18, 2012 01:17
New Delhi Youngsters flirt with cobra's drug on Valentines day

On Valentines day mostly in the streets we will come across with roses,choclates and flower boquets, But here in New Delhi it was entirely different a heart-shaped chocolates and bright red roses that gave an outbursted in sales.

On February 14 Valentines day in New Delhi and in their surroundings, A deathly drug which has been prepared from king cobras venom which gave a new high at parties and in discos.As anti-narcotics official was shocked with the sales of cobra venom drugs.One of the senior officer of the Narcotics Control Bureau said that these drugs improve sensation and also increase energy so that the celebrators who can dance for a long hours.

Before Valentines day the sales of cobras venom drugs has been increased in Delhi.On Monday February 13 Delhi police has seized almost half-a-litre of cobras venom, which was taken out from King cobras and from othe reptiles that are conceded to the mostly endangered tag subject to the Wildlife Act.

He raid, at Anand Vihar inter-state bus terminus in east Delhi, was conducted following a tip-off from the People for Animals (PFA), an animal welfare organisation. Wildlife activists say that cobra venom, which is processed into a powder, is emerging as a favoured drug among adolescents and party-buffs.

"Police seized five cobras just two days before Valentine's Day. Similar seizures were conducted before Diwali and New Year. The drugs are commonly used in Delhi and NCR; many are commonly called K-72 and K-76," Sourabh Gupta, a wildlife activist with PFA, told IANS.

He added that half-a-litre of venom costs a couple of crores of rupees in the international market. To extract that amount of venom, the illegal traffickers would have killed as many as 100 cobras, which is a violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Indian Wildlife Act.

A pinch of the powder is used in cold drinks or alcohol. About 500 ml venom, processed into powder, can be used in 1,000 litres of alcohol. 

"Due to their dwindling numbers, cobras, which were on Schedule IV in 2006, are now placed on Schedule I of the act, thus according them very high protection. But they are still being widely traded," Gupta added.

According to bureau sleuths, apart from the deadly K-72 and K-76, drugs like cocaine, ephedrine, methylene di-oxy methamphetamine (MDMA) -- commonly known as ecstasy -- rohypnol and LSD, all of which are called party drugs, see a 5 to 10 percent spike in sales a week before Valentine's Day.

Surinder Kumar Sharma, counsellor in the Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses (SPYM), who has battled drug addiction himself, said: "The usage of party drugs among the student community is less known. Usually, upper class adolescents take party drugs. Mostly, girls think taking party drugs is cool, naughty and fashionable."

While the party drugs come at a price of Rs.2,000-5,000 per pill, a pinch of K-72 and K-76 costs Rs.20,000-25,000. "Youngsters prefer both party pills and alcohol mixed with K-72, as they can be consumed easily. After they drink, they get such a high that they don't know where they are or what they are doing," Gupta said.

The NCB official said, As per the date from Narcotics Control Bureau from the past 2009 108 Nigerians have been taken into custody on the charges of drug business.The most major drugs contains heroin, cocaine, MDMA and LSD.We are examining an developing movement in the sales of drugs which has been made of highly poisonous cobra snakes.We have increased our coercive measures in opposite to the drug traffickers by motivating ing the intelligence network and mounting surveillance.

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