UK Chemistry journal features Lord Krishna for cover

March 04, 2011 14:54
UK Chemistry journal features Lord Krishna for cover

Lord Krishna, UK Chemistry journal, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry, Dr B.D. Ramachary of the University of HyderabadInternational famous chemistry journal ‘Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry’, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry in the United Kingdom, has featured on its cover page Lord Krishna driving the chariot of the Pandava warrior Arjuna, the most famous scene from the Mahabharata war, for a research based article authored by Dr B.D. Ramachary of the University of Hyderabad.

Dr. Ramachary, chemistry professor of the University, authored a research article on the topic ‘one-pot’ chemical reactions relating it to the celestial philosophy of Lord Krishna.
In his article, Ramachary stresses the need for developing different ways of producing chemical products having irrevocable influence on the humans with less waste and less money.
“Organic synthesis can be made much more efficient by designing the processes in which multiple catalysts operate sequentially in ‘one pot’ with multiple components,” he says in his article.

Explaining that he was inspired in developing this novel chemical philosophy by the celestial philosophy of Lord Krishna who teaches Bhagavadgita to the warrior Arjuna, Dr Ramachary says the two epic leaders achieved many victories and protected people from demons.

He further says, similar to that pattern, sequential one-pot combination of multi-component reactions and multi-catalysis cascade reactions would be victorious over many problems in synthetic organic and pharmaceutical chemistry.

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