Look your best, ‘Natural’!

March 13, 2012 13:36
Look your best, ‘Natural’!

Today… it has been a practice to put on a minimal of make-up and just project you for the better. At the same time, it has also become very important to just do not forget to look and be natural. Now, let us find out does Nature and Cosmetics o hand in hand or not;

Natural makeup is the kind of makeup you can use on a daily basis, when you go to work, to school or even for the gym. It may be very simple and contain very few basic ingredients. The important thing is that you should decide on what works best for you and what you’re going to apply for your natural look and what not.

Try moisturizing your skin every day before applying any makeup. I personally prefer using one that is also a sunscreen, SPF 17-30 is good enough if you’re not going to the beach or doing anything that involves too much sun in it. The moisture will protect your skin and make it more vivid.

If you’re using foundation, use it only if and when necessary, i.e underneath the eyes or around your nose. Foundation is usually being used on a bit red and oily skin, only if it’s noticeable compared to the rest of your face.

I forgot to mention before, but it’s really important to shape your eyebrows to a natural shape as well to support your natural look. I love to highlight my eyebrows with a brown colored powder or an eyebrow’s pencil. Always try using three shades lighter than your hair color.

It is worth mentioning that for natural look try not drawing any shape for your eye, other than your natural one. Eyeliner may give your eyes a totally different shape but that’s not what we’re looking for in a natural look.

Mascara is a very important element in a natural look and actually in any other look as well. I love it! It highlights my eyes and gives a certain light to my face. This is a must have in your every make up! You may curl your lashes first before using; I personally don’t do that on a daily basis.

The lip gloss can always be that of either nude or natural shade. No pinks, reds or dark colors please. All the shades of browns are all time favorites…

These tips will also your urge of looking the best, naturally!

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