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  • Beauty tips for rain dance party, Beauty tips for rain dance party, beauty tips for rain dance party, Skin care tips

    Beauty tips for rain dance party 04 July 2015

    Are you getting ready for the monsoon rain dance party? Don’t worry about your skin, follow these simple steps that helps to keep your skin safe. Apply sunscreen lotion to protect your skin. Before applying makeup, first apply a layer...

    Keywords: Beauty tips for rain dance party, How to get ready for rain dance party?, beauty tips for rain dance party, Skin care tips for rain dance party

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    beauty of your skin, white heads, beauty in your kitchen, Skin care tips

    Beauty in your kitchen 18 April 2013

    You need not spend oodles of money to buy those costly beauty products to enhance the glow and the beauty of your skin. these that are available in kitchen can make your skin glow like anything, not less than you...

    Keywords: white heads, badam paste, beauty in kitchen, white heads

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    skin type, skin type, get ready for the war against harsh sun light, Skin care tips

    Get ready for the war against harsh sun light 16 April 2013

    This season is definitely more problematic for those whose skin type is oily. Due to the temperature, natural skin will also turn oily, and then you can imagine what will happen to oily skin. It is because the harsh sun...

    Keywords: natural moisture, washing your face, washing your face, Harsh sun light

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    skin tan, skin tan, get rid of tan this summer, Skin care tips

    Get rid of tan, this summer 10 April 2013

    Another biggest disadvantage of this season is tan. We get affected by the tan, because not avoiding our daily routine, we end up going out, let the sun show its power on our skin and end up getting tanned. But...

    Keywords: tomato juice, lemon juice, reducing tan, moisturizer

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    water melon juice, honey, seasoned beauty care, Skin care tips

    Seasoned beauty care 16 March 2013

    Water melon season is 'on'... the fruit does not only gives the needed vitamins and proteins to our body, but also is a good seasonal beauty care for us; If you are suffering with marks and spots on your skin...

    Keywords: juice, seasoned beauty care, pudeena juice, summer skin care tips

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    skin care tips, Simple tips to avoid dry skin, tips to prevent dry skin, Skin care tips

    Tips to prevent dry skin 17 July 2015

    As we have entered monsoon season, most of us suffer from dry skin problem which takes off beauty from face. To help you out, here are some simple beauty tips that can be of great help. Follow them to have...

    Keywords: How to get rid of dry skin?, how to avoid dry skin, skin care tips, Natural beauty tips for dry skin

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    skin care., unseen dust skin, why make up could cause skin problem, Skin care tips

    Why make up could cause skin problem? 15 April 2013

    It is not just choosing a right brand of make up or using a right make with a proper brush, but also cleaning up the brushes and the sponge used to put on the make-up is important for a healthy...

    Keywords: dried, skin care., skin care., skin care.

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    Health Tips, Health Tips, beauty and health tips for sensitive skin, Skin care tips

    Beauty And Health Tips For Sensitive Skin 15 June 2017

    Due to the use of the strong cosmetics or the products which have too much chemicals in them, women who are having sensitive skin are mostly worried about the irritation that is caused to the skin. Even though several home...

    Keywords: Skin Care Tips, Beauty Tips, Skin Care Tips, Skin Care Tips

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    face washing, good skin cleanser, how you cleanse your face, Skin care tips

    How you cleanse your face? 29 April 2013

    How dull your skin looks, our skin gets duller as we age. Sun exposure, smoking, and naturally shedding all results washed out look. You need to combat it with a cleanser that will remove in layers  while it cleans. Bear...

    Keywords: facial cleanser, cleansing brush, face washing, facial cleanser

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    Ways to look young, Avoid these makeup mistakes to look older, simple ways to look young, Skin care tips

    Simple ways to look young 14 July 2015

    Every woman wants to look beautiful and younger. Chances are that some of your fashion or beauty choices are actually making you look more than your real age. Here are some simple tips that must be avoided by every woman...

    Keywords: Ways to look young, common mistakes that must be avoided, skin care tips, how to look young

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    what to eat for flawless skin, what to eat for flawless skin, foods that give flawless complexion, Skin care tips

    Foods that give flawless complexion 22 July 2013

    While women use cosmetics to hide all the flaws in their skin, there is a less harmful and more natural way to obtain a flawless complexion. Eating certain food have been known to create a good complexion. These mostly include...

    Keywords: skin tips, skin care tips, skin care, what to drink for good skin

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    skin glow tips, healthy and beautiful types, banana a medicine to treat skin damage, Skin care tips

    Banana... a medicine to treat skin damage 09 April 2013

    Who does not want to look their best? But due to the season and pollution adding on to it, we are facing skin damage at a great extent. We might not have time to spend at beauty salons for shaping...

    Keywords: milk and honey, skin care tips, healthy and beautiful types, banana for skin care

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    how to avoid tattoo problems, skin care tips, simple tips to take care of your tattoo, Skin care tips

    Simple tips to take care of your tattoo 29 August 2015

    Tattooing is the latest trend nowadays. Although it makes you look stylish, it is painful and even cause healing problems if customers fail to follow directions. Here are some basic and must follow instructions avoid tattoo problems. Follow the instructions...

    Keywords: tattooing tips, tattooing tips, how to take care of tattoos, tattooing tips

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    beauty tips, healthy skin, maximize the power of moisturizer, Skin care tips

    Maximize the power of moisturizer 15 June 2013

    Daily face care is needed to get beautiful face, but you have to care in some matters like moisturizing. Selecting the appropriate face moisturizer can be stay on the skin for extended periods of time. Make sure your cleanser that doesn't...

    Keywords: skin glow, face cleaning, tips for moisturizing., healthy skin

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    Beauty News, winter skincare, treat your skin to sugar and oil, Skin care tips

    Treat your skin to sugar and oil 06 January 2014

    This winter, give your skin something extra! Stash away all jars and tubes of store-bought face packs and pamper your skin to the goodness of sugar and oil. As simple as they may sound, both sugar and olive oil are...

    Keywords: skin care products, Skin Care Tips, Winter Season, skin care products

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    how to keep skin young, skin care tips, 5 things to keep your skin healthy, Skin care tips

    5 things to keep your skin healthy 25 May 2015

    Every skin type is different and depending upon the type of the skin, you must take necessary care to keep it healthy. Fortnight cleanup doest work to keep it young, so, take care of your skin with these 5 things...

    Keywords: things that your skin needs everyday, skin care tips, ways to look beautiful, how to keep skin young

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    Skin Care, Flawless Skin, skin care tips to get flawless skin during monsoon, Skin care tips

    Skin Care Tips To Get Flawless Skin During Monsoon 05 July 2017

    Skin Care Tips To Get Flawless Skin During Monsoon:- In monsoon, an oily and sweaty skin attracts more dirt and chemical pollutants, which ultimately lead to pimples and rashes. Hence, in this weather, daily cleansing and skin care with appropriate...

    Keywords: Skin Care Tips During Monsoon, Skin Care Tips During Monsoon, Skin Care Tips During Monsoon, Skin Care Tips During Monsoon

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    tips to protect skin during rainy season, Skin care tips for monsoon season, top skin care tips for monsoon season, Skin care tips

    Top skin care tips for monsoon season 16 June 2015

    After bearing that extreme heat of the sun, those sunburns, tans, sweaty summer days, monsoon comes as a sign of relief. But several infections may bother your health and skin. Here are some monsoon tips that you must keep in...

    Keywords: Skin care tips for monsoon season, Skin care tips for monsoon season, monsoon beauty tips, tips to protect skin during rainy season

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    exfoliation, skin care, 5 skin care tips for winter, Skin care tips

    5 Skin Care Tips for Winter 04 November 2013

    The cool breeze of winter is soothing to your senses but can cause havoc to your skin. This winter, follow these simple 5 tips to prevent dryness, cracking and irritation and enjoy beautiful skin even in the cold months. 5...

    Keywords: deep skin nourishment, skin care in winter, beautiful and glowing skin, moisturization

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    protect our skin, summer beauty tips, don t let your beauty loose its charm, Skin care tips

    Don't let your beauty loose its charm 06 April 2013

    One of the biggest disadvantages of this season is Sun... it could be just for couple of minutes, but if we expose our skin towards the harsh sun light, our skin is not only affected by the sunlight but also...

    Keywords: protect our skin, medicine for a beautiful skin, natural skin care, protect our skin

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