Babu slams the budget over service tax rise

Mar 16 ,2012 16:41 PM
Babu slams the budget over service tax rise

The leader of the opposition and the Telugu Desam party Chief N Chandrababu Naidu said today expressed his dismay over the budget. The Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee presented the annual Budget 2012 today in the parliament. The TDP Chief as usual criticized the Congress led UPA government presenting a common man’s distant budget. He said the increase of service tax from 10-15 percent only displayed the plundering nature of the Government. He also added that subsidies were reduced and taxes were increased irrationally. The government has not proposed any pro farmer policies adding that the subsidy on fertilizers was too much.

On the whole the TDP Chief said that this was an anti people’s budget and he strongly felt it was a plundering the public, in disguise. The unsatisfied leader voiced his opinion in the evening at Hyderabad. (With inputs from internet- AarKay)

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