Take time out for yourself, Now…

March 03, 2012 15:14
Take time out for yourself, Now…

Who do not want to spend time for them completely? No office and home ka tensions, no hassle or last moment hick ups from family, friends, and partner and even kids… certain amount of qualityTime, just completely for you and that is your one point agenda…Common girl, you have been thinking about spending some time in your entire life, just for you from Ages now… stop thinking and start spending… I will help you out to find ways of what you can do in this time that is completely dedicated for you;

A half hour of meditation or yoga can clear your head and relieve stress, helping you feel more relaxed and calm. “These activities regulate the brain waves responsible for our conscious states and literally make the brain less busy.”

The quiet atmosphere at a library encourages relaxation, and the cool air can be a welcome relief when the temperature outside is climbing. Spend an hour flipping through your favorite magazines or looking for a fun summer read. Just make sure you leave the kids at home so you can truly immerse yourself in the experience.

Spending time outdoors resets your natural rhythm, Any opportunity to get outside will help you feel like you’re part of your own life…

Sure, the zoo is a great place to take the kids. But feeding the ducks and watching elephant’s splash in their pool is a great way for grown-ups to unwind too. Playing with your pets at home is another fun way to enjoy some animal company.

Sign up for that ceramics or pastry class you’ve always wanted to take. Learning something new can fuel your creativity and give you a chance to make new friends with similar interests.

A comedy or romance is a great treat for busy, overscheduled parents. “It’s good for your mental health to laugh and feel like you’re putting your interests first now and then.”

And most important, above all these you yourself have to have a thought of why you need to spend some free time only for yourself every now and then. Be you do all the above or your own list of things in this free time of yours or just simply admire yourself seeing you in a mirror or simply do nothing…

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