Recycled paper furniture unit launched: Honicel

Mar 07 ,2012 10:54 AM
Recycled paper furniture unit launched: Honicel

Sounds like fiction but true, a Netherlands based through its Chennai manufacturing unit has harnessed the recycle paper technology and plans to launch furniture using the same.

An Indian Ancillary Ethiraj Timber Pvt Ltd of a Netherlands based Honicel Worldwide, has on Tuesday at a prelaunch press meet, announced the launch of its range of recycled paper furniture. Honicel Worldwide B.V. of Netherlands is globally renowned and makes paper-based products. The Chennai plant is 60:40 Joint ventures and will have a total investment of Rs.60 Cr according to the Honicel Chairman Henk Krabben. As per schedule the unit shall be launched today in Chennai

Honicel will bring the technology and the local partner will manufacture and market the products. The company expects sales to reach Rs. 300 Cr in the next fiscal, driven by strong growth in the construction and retail sectors.

In the first phase, Honicel will produce 9,000 tonnes of honeycomb core per annum. While 60 per cent of the production would go to meet the needs of the packaging industry, the balance would cater to the requirements of the construction industry, according to Giridhara Raj, Director, Honicel India. "In the packaging industry, our product will be used for making pallets, container packing, pharma, food and automobile industries. In the construction sector, our product will go as an in-fill material for doors, furniture and others," he added. One palette, weighing about half a tonne, can be used to produce about 400 doors of standard sizes. Recyclable and bio degradable product is expected to reduce the cost of production by approximately 35 per cent by sources. (With inputs from internet: AarKay)

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