CM talks to Danam on VAT reduction

Apr 25 ,2012 11:25 AM
CM talks to Danam on VAT reduction

The chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy gave an explanation to minister Danam Nagender for reducing the Value Added Tax (VAT) on textile trading.  It may be recalled that Danam Nagender has expressed his displeasure over the reduction of VAT to textile traders on cloth merchants without taking the cabinet into the confidence. He has also said that individual decision would send across wrong signals. The chief minister talked to Danam over the same at his office.

Danam Nagender has said that he was not against the reduction of the tax but stated that he was unhappy as the same issue was ignored when he raised it in the cabinet meeting. Further, he questioned as to why he was not even included in the cabinet sub-committee. He has reportedly questioned as to how it (reduction of VAT proposal) was wrong then and correct now.

The chief minister reportedly asked Danam Nagender to give a newspaper note as an explanation for his alleged remarks on the chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy on reduction of VAT. Meanwhile, Danam Nagender has apparently expressed his vain stating that he was not getting the recognition despite his fight against VAT for the quite sometime. He said he welcomed the reduction of VAT. (Phani)

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