Effective Breathing Exercises for your Lungs

July 29, 2021 18:31
Effective Breathing Exercises for your Lungs

Effective Breathing Exercises for your Lungs:- After the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is extra cautious about their health and especially about their lungs. The respiratory system is badly impacted for all those who are contracted with coronavirus. Most of the people realized about the importance of the health of lungs. It is always essential to keep your lungs healthy. There are several breathing exercises that can strengthen your lungs. These will improve the lung health and here are some of the effective breathing exercises for your lungs:

Pursed Lip Breathing:

Always sit in a position that is comfortable for you. Keep your palms on your stomach and inhale deeply so that your chest expands. Hold it for two seconds and make your lips into a small pout and then exhale. Relax your body for 4 seconds and continue the exercise for 20 minutes.

Deep Breathing:

Make yours comfortable by sitting or standing. Stretch your chest outside and inhale for 5 seconds and hold your breath. Exhale and relax your body. Repeat this for 20 minutes.

Alternate Nostril Breathing:

Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed. Keep your back straight. Press one of the nostrils with the right hand's thumb and the other one with your middle finger. Lift one finger and inhale through the open nostril. Have a deep breath and exhale through the other nostril. Continue these steps and keep this altering between the two nostrils.

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