Guided yoga can prevent fainting: Here's how?

May 21, 2021 16:42
Guided yoga can prevent fainting: Here's how?

Guided yoga can prevent fainting: Here's how?:- A guided yoga is always more effective to prevent fainting as per the novel research. To lead a quality and healthy life, it is advised to practice guided yoga which is standard. The findings are published in EP Europace, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). There are several cases of fainting and it is caused due to the mental stress, depression, anxiety. Fainting is also known as vasovagal syncope and it is a brief loss of consciousness that happens because of the reduced blood flow to the brain. The estimations say that the half of the general population will have at least one syncopal event in their life.

One should keep themselves hydrated and it is good to avoid crowded environments. Guided yoga happens to be the best treatment for fainting or vasovagal syncope. All the patients were tested and none of them were receiving any special treatment and they never practiced yoga in the past. All these participants received yoga. They are advised to consume 6 to 9 grams of salt along with three litres of water on a regular basis and perform physical exercises such as crossing legs, tensing thigh and others. Everyone attended 5 to 7 sessions through a certified yoga instructor. The module of yoga had pranayama, asanas and dhyana.

All the participants are asked to perform yoga for an hour and five days in a week for 12 months. All the fainting episodes are recorded and everyone got perfect after taking up guided yoga. Most of the participants were women and are aged around 33 years.

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