How to increase the oxygen levels during this COVID-19 season

April 22, 2021 16:46
How to increase the oxygen levels during this COVID-19 season

How to increase the oxygen levels during this COVID-19 season:- The respiratory system is having a huge impact on the people who are attacked with coronavirus. Several patients have complained of shortness in their breath and they are struggling with lower oxygen levels in their bodies. The number is high during the second wave and the hospitals are full. Several states and hospitals announced that there is huge shortage in the oxygen. The normal oxygen level is usually higher than or equal to 95 percent. Here are some tips to improve your oxygen levels during this coronavirus pandemic season:

A man explained this through a video and posted it on his twitter handle. When you are in a sitting position, the oximeter reads 95 or even less. Here are some tips. Lying on the chest and stomach position or sides will help the body to get the needed air into all the areas of the lungs. This is better than lying flat on the back. This technique is said to be completely effective and is used to treat the patients with acute respiratory disease syndrome (ARDS). This is called the same method to improve the oxygen levels in the human body. The study is published in the year 2002 in the European Respiratory Journal.

The study explained about how to improve the oxygenation and how to improve the respiratory mechanics along with increasing the lung volume and reduce the amount of atelectatic regions. This even reduces the ventilator associated lung injury. The process of oxygenation improves 70 to 80 percent of the patients with early acute respiratory distress syndrome. Considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic season, it is always important to monitor the oxygen levels of your body through a pulse oximeter.

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