Share your problems to solve them

November 27, 2012 18:58
Share your problems to solve them

Do you often feel depressed or fate is playing a foul game with your life? If answers are yes, then it's high time you find someone to listen to your problems. Speaking up is the right option to solve any problem. For every problem, there is always a solution and sometime multiple solutions. In fact, solutions might just not click in your mind as you continue to worry or weep on your issue. When you talk to someone who listens to you unconditionally without giving you any advices, you would certainly erase off all your blues and that's how you will arrive at a solution. If you don't believe, try approaching a nearby counselor and start sharing your problems. It will create wonders for you.

What happens when one talks:

When a person talks/shares his problems with others, he would be removing out negative energy locked inside him through words. That way, he/she will feel relaxed and lite. And when one is out of emotional outburst, he/she will come out with perfect solutions. Now advising is a different thing. You have the problem and you alone know what is the best solution. An adviser might give an alternative, which may not sound appropriate for you. So, never ask anyone for advice but find out if they can listen to your problems. If yes then go ahead. Just in case you don't find anyone to listen to you, don't hesitate to visit a counselor.

(AW Phani)


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