Wavy hair for you!

November 29, 2011 16:38
Wavy hair for you!

There is a lot that our hair talks about. When we are angry, have we noticed the hair style being tied by us quite a clumsy way and when you are indulged in some romantic thoughts or speaking to a person in whom you are interested, you would be playing with your hair and whatever dress you wear, a perfect hairdo would enhance your look. Of course, your hair style should suit your personality as well. If you are looking to get that wavy hair that would appear as if your hair has got a lot of volume and would suit almost every type of dress, then here are some tips that can make your hair wavy, in fact, awesome;

Wavy hair gives your look a totally laid-back, casual look, which feels especially chic if you're dressed up for a cocktail party where everyone else will have their hair tightly wound up. Little black dress + wild hair = unabashed sex appeal, always. How to get wavy hair right this minute? Try on wavy hairstyles in our virtual hairstyle studio.

Wild waves are a classic runway trend, and this time the look has plenty of volume and lift. Layers give wavy hair a distressed look that’s beachy, piecey and so right now.

If you have naturally wavy hair, you're already on your way to achieving a surfer-perfect effect. Simply wash your hair, apply volumizer at the roots to achieve plenty of volume, blow-dry until slightly damp and scrunch from ends-to-roots with your hands as you finish blow-drying. Once your hair is completely dry, try a little soft-hold hairspray (you never want waves to be stiff or over-styled).

To make naturally straight hair wavy, twist damp hair into small sections, twist the sections around your finger and use a bobby pin to hold each section in place at the scalp. Leave the tiny twists in for about thirty minutes or until you finish drying your hair. Let it fall down (do not brush!) and use your fingers to create lift at the roots and a little extra tousle throughout (scrunch, scrunch, scrunch). Curl the ends with a curling iron for a more polished look.

With more and more kind of styles are coming up and ironed hair, curly hair or different styles of haircuts ruling the fashion market today, it is a clear cut fact that the age old hair style type wavy hair style is still in. the simple reason being, this kind of a hair style is a bit curly, somewhat straight hair ka look, a the same time, suits the Indian skin type as well.

So, let’s get that most admired look for us as well.

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