Tips to Manage the Hunger of Your Children

July 29, 2020 18:58
Tips to Manage the Hunger of Your Children

Tips to Manage the Hunger of Your Children:- Healthy food for kids is quite crucial for their growth and it should be nutritious. The kids may not be getting the vital nutrients they need because of the lockdown. They get hungry and this can have an impact on their well being. Hidden hunger is the major factor and a study says that one among the two children before 5 years will suffer from hidden hunger and this is due to the lack of the essential nutrients as per the report from the UNICEF in 2019. Thus, it is quite important to ensure that the kids get the right food and they meet their Required Dietary Allowance (RDA).

Kids are picky eaters and forceful feeding makes no sense. Feed your children with small portions of food at frequent intervals instead of forcing them. Present the food in a colorful way that they would love to have them. Sandwiches, milkshake, fruits and nuts are the best. The fruits are packed with all the essential vitamins and they boost the immune system. Cut them into different shapes and pieces to make them appealing to your children. Dairy products should not be missed as they are rich in carbohydrates, proteins and calcium.

The kids need 400-600 mg of calcium on regular basis. Hence, do not miss milk, veggies, fruits and grains so that they would not have any hidden hunger or fall short of the needed nutrition.

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