How to Apply Lipstick like a Pro

September 15, 2020 19:19
How to Apply Lipstick like a Pro

How to Apply Lipstick like a Pro:- Lipstick is hard and it may not suit everyone. Sometimes we feel that it we have over lipstick and the other time it may not match the situation or suit your costume. Here are some of the tips so that you may never mess up with your lipstick:

Frest start:

You have to exfoliate your lips once and if possible twice in a week. This can be done right before wearing a matte liquid lipstick. This can highlight the flaky patches on the lips. A wet toothbrush can be used or you can use a lip scrub with a moisturizer.


The skin on the lips is quite thin and they can be easily damaged because of sunlight. The usage of lip gloss can magnify the UV rays and your lips may get likely to burn. One can balm up with SPF 30.


Always choose a bright shade to make your lips look natural and do not consider your skin tone. Always the pale lips look great in red or coral. For reddish lips, always try pink of vivid orange and for dark lips it is better to pick up deep shades.

Nude color:

Always prefer a brighter or deeper color for your lips than your skin tone. It is always matching yourself as per the skin tone and your costumes, ornaments.

Soften your edges:

The color along with the application of lipstick too is more important. The borders should be well applied and the edges should look soft. This can give the appearance of fuller and more dimensional lips.

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