How To Drape A Saree To Look Slim

September 15, 2017 17:10
How To Drape A Saree To Look Slim

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How To Drape A Saree To Look Slim:- Undoubtedly, saree is a beautiful clothing for every woman regardless of her age and shape (but consider what suits you the best). However, not all sarees look good on everyone (imagine a short height woman wearing bold and big prints).

Did you ever imagine that you can wear one piece of cloth in about 100 different ways?? If not, then you have underestimated Saree. With all those different types of saree and the different kind of drapes, one can try various options. Yes, you can wear it in a number of ways. The styles of draping a saree are endless.

Saree an Indian wear makes a woman look graceful, stylish, elegant and sensuous. Just be a little selective while buying sarees . You should always buy saree by keeping your weight, height, and skin complexion in consideration. The fabric and design should be such that it always compliments you and your body. It should reflect in your attitude and confidence.

Basic Tips On How To Drape A Saree

Drape A Saree

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1) Hold one side of the upper edge of the Saree with your left hand around your waist to feet on your back side leaving free the pallu side on other end.

2) Tuck the top border of inner of the Saree in to the petticoat in such a way so that the Saree may fall up to the floor level.

3) Drape the Saree around the front keeping it on same height.

4) Tuck the little top edge of the Saree into the petticoat keeping on same height.

5) Make the fold of few straight plates from the right side and tuck it into the petticoat so that the bottom edge of the Saree should touch the floor level.

6) Bring around the other end of the Saree in your both hand and keep pallu put on left side shoulder allowing the pallu fall on your back.

How To Choose Saree For Overweight Women

Saree For Overweight Women

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If you choose the right fabric and drape the saree in right manner, you can look far slimmer than your actual body size.

1) Light fabric is best for you. Go for Georgette, chiffon, crepe, Italian silk and such other lightweight materials. These fabrics stay close to body and fits perfectly on your body. The material gives nice fall and you a slimmer look. These fabrics have a good fall.

2) Stiff materials like cotton and organza adds more volume to your body. Avoid such fabrics.

3) However, if you still love handloom cotton sarees, then go for light cotton or those which are mixed with other fabrics.

4) Some sarees of south India like ‘cotton silk sarees’ will suit you more than the traditional heavy cotton sarees.
Heavy or glossy material is not meant for you.

5) Dark colors are best for plus size women.

6) Tuck your saree well and proper, so that it does not add volume at certain areas.

7) If you have a tummy and want to wear a saree made of heavy or thick fabric like a banarasi saree, then avoid tucking too many pleats at the waist near to your navel. Adjust the pleats in such a way that they do not all fall at one place only.

How To Choose Saree For Slim Women

Saree For Slim Women

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You can wear any type of saree if you are not too slim.

But if you at too skinny then go for fabric that add volume to your body.

1) Heavy and fluffy fabrics like brocade sarees, heavy silk sarees, cotton sarees, Organza etc. will suit you the best.

2) Heavily embellished sarees like rich embroidered sarees and more traditional kanjeevaram sarees and Tissue saree should look good on you.

3) If you are tall and you like wearing synthetic sarees, go for bold and big prints.

4) Short height women should go for small border and small print sarees instead of bold and big prints. Bigger borders will make you look shorter.

5) Light colored sarees, particularly pastel shades will suit your body type.

6) Heavily embellished Lehenga style saris also go well with slim body type.

7) If you have a square body type or a straight torso and lack curves then you must consider wearing pre-stitched sarees. Its even better if you can get it customized so that the saree could be stitched to show your figure.

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