4 ways to Wear Brave the Bows

March 27, 2012 16:17
4 ways to Wear Brave the Bows

There are several fashionable ways to wear bows and some are trendier and more beautiful than the rest. Bows look contemporary and cute when sported on your waist, your clothes or your hair. There are no boundaries to your imagination and to start off with, try some of these fashion tips to wear bows.

1. Sporting a bow on your waist accentuates and draws attention to your waistline. Complemented by a belt, this fashion accessory can even help to define your waist and make you appear slimmer. Even very simple attire assumes a very chic and beautiful appearance when a bow is introduced on the waist area. Small or large, centered or worn on a side, as a ribbon or sash, every kind of look is distinctive and appealing.

2. Bows on sweaters or cardigans were an age old tradition – one that is being revived and becoming popular. Bows can be placed either very strategically in the place of buttons or sewn to some portion of your cardigan or even as a border to your neckline. Each look makes the entire attire pleasing. Bows can take forms in sequins, appliqué or embroidery. Such kind of ornamentation renders not just the bow but your dress a very unique and attractive look.

Cocktail attire can be made to look like a designer ensemble with some wacky and innovative ideas. For starters, think of Madonna in ‘Material girl’ and her shocking pink dress. Think out of the box to come up with your idea of a bow in a dress or find one at your favorite store. It would look retro and contemporary at the same time. Similarly, bows can be added anywhere including the neckline, hem, waist, hip or just about any area that you think would make you and your dress fashionable.

3.A little on the girlish front, the style can be adapted to older and mature women with some specific detailing. However, bows are still a hot favorite with little girls who sport them on their jewelry or clothes. Bow hair clips, earrings, brooches and motifs; name it and they all exist. Mix and match these accessories, found in different materials, colors, shapes, sizes and detailing, with your clothes to achieve the desired look.

4. A look that looks beautiful on little girls and adolescents, bows are great on headbands and hair clips. They can be used to enhance many kinds of hairstyles and sets you apart from an otherwise boring style when done the right way. There is a huge variety of bows and you can even make one yourself in a style and fashion that is most appropriate for you.

Besides conventional uses of bows, other fashionable ways to wear them include their presence in accessories such as bags, hats, lingerie, neckties and even sunglasses. Choose your bow style and create a fashion statement.

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