If Veerappan is good, what is Gandhi? - RGV

December 01, 2015 09:05
If Veerappan is good, what is Gandhi? - RGV

Ram Gopal Varma, the controversial king, again raised his voice regarding another fresh controversy, related to his upcoming film ‘Killing Veerappan’.

The makers had bought the rights from smuggler Veerappan’s wife Mutthu Laxmi, to shoot her husband’s life story, as a film. RGV had personally met Mutthu Laxmi and collected several information about Veerappan.

The movie was shot and is now getting ready for the release. The makers even released Killing Veerappan trailer, but after watching it, Mutthu Laxmi reportedly alleged that, RGV is trying to show Veerappan in a negative shade.

She claimed that, Veerappan is considered as the god by the Tamilnadu people. He is the person, who saved the forests from the corrupted forest officers.

Not stopping there, she further warned that, projecting Veerappan in a negative role, will raise huge conflicts in Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

Responding to this, RGV said, “Every wife and mother treat her husband and son respectively, as the finest persons. Even Laden’s wife treats her husband as the finest person in the world. So the question is, if people like Laden and Veerappan are finest, what is Mahatma Gandhi then?”

RGV mostly concentrates on the real incidents and tries to capture those in his movies, very lively. There are very less instances, where he failed to gain the applause from the audience, when he directed a movie, based on a real incident.

In the same way, as Killing Veerappan is based on the real life smuggler Veerappan’s story, the project had already gained a good popularity.

By Phani Ch

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