Ram Gopal Varma Takes A Dig On Telangana Government

October 14, 2022 12:40
Ram Gopal Varma Takes A Dig On Telangana Government

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Ram Gopal Varma Takes A Dig On Telangana Government:- The government of Telangana imposed a ban on loud music in the pubs and parties in the state after 10 PM. The orders are strictly implemented by the pubs and event management groups across Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana. Tollywood director and critic Ram Gopal Varma took a dig on the government calling it a Taliban rule. Here is his statement:

"Sir, #KCR @KTRTRS and @CPHydCity I din’t realise that Hyderabad is being ruled in Taliban style which is what I felt when I saw a PUB looking like a GRAVE YARD thanks to the NO MUSIC AFTER 10 PM ORDER. It is as barbaric as Taliban to stop young people to have little fun after a hard day’s work .I can understand sound pollution enforcement on a case to case basis but to give blanket order for all places NO MUSIC AFTER 10 PM? Please understand that by the time one comes back home from work gets freshened up ,dresses up and drives through back breaking traffic to reach a pub it will be nearly 10 P M and then NO MUSIC? Just because of some stray incidents which should be strictly dealt with on a case to case basis NO MUSIC AFTER 10 PM seems like banning traffic because of a few accidents?" told RGV.

He continued saying "While your intentions are respected I think it’s insulting to the youth for the government to have a talibanish outlook towards what they think is right and wrong in terms of the youth just having a good time. The police men who do vigils at the pubs behave as if the youth and the pub management are some kind of criminals ..I wish this attitude changes and they earn the title of FRIENDLY POLICE. All concerned should speak up their inner feelings on NO MUSIC AFTER 10 PM via Social media or in any other manner “ Anyone who remains silent in the face of oppression will find himself living, if not in a police state, at least in a police city. When we are all living in the same country called India ,why are only Hyderabadis being subjected to Taliban rule sir ? How come the NO music time is 1 AM everywhere else in the country and 10 pm in Hyderabad sir? Hyderabad must be the 1st International global city which has NO MUSIC AFTER 10 PM ..Can’t forget the look in some foreigners faces when the music stopped ..They were looking at us like we are Taliban".

He also said "When a pub is a commercial establishment ,shouldn’t rules be enforced while giving permission to pubs in the beginning ? And randomly not taking away the fun which destroys the very purpose of pubs NO MUSIC AFTER 10 PM. If sound anywhere after 10 Pm is a problem should movies also be played silently with only picture and no sound ?? Should all vehicles be stopped ?? Should Hyderabad be barricaded to allow no vehicles after 10 PM ..Should all flights be banned after 10 PM? Investors from advanced countries to come anywhere will principally ask 1.Is there an International Airport? 2 . Is there a golf course? 3. Is there an entertainment hub? 4. Is there a night life? Imagine them hearing NO MUSIC AFTER 10 PM. In the times of Rapid development of Hitech City the then, honourable CM CBN attracted investors by ensuring all comforts and minimum human entertainment facilities are available and no’s NO MUSIC AFTER 10 PM. How come we in Hyderabad, were so advanced 20 years back and stood as a roll model to the entire country and now in 2022 we are becoming the Taliban with NO MUSIC AFTER 10 PM? We made Tollywood more advanced than Bollywood .. Hyd Grafix and gaming In top place Hyderabad is no.1 destination and now we are going back to taliban style NO MUSIC AFTER 10 PM".

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