Why Anushka Is To Be Blamed?

November 23, 2013 14:45
Why Anushka Is To Be Blamed?

Anushka is being blamed for accepting a movie like "Varna".

It is questioned by many critics what is the need for Anushka to say ok for a stupid flick like Varna that is ruinous to her career when she is at the verge of her career as a heroine because of her older looks to play an aunty.

The movie has come out now but it was all in the mind of the director before it was made.  Only a director’s reputation is seen while accepting a role.  Artists do not participate in the making of a film. Then how Anushka would have known about the final shape of the movie?  Good or bad of a story depends on the way it is told.

Magadheera also is a fantasy flick but shined because of the way the story is told i.e. the script and cinematography that made a difference.

But it is unfortunate that a hero or heroine is blamed for no fault of them for a flop movie.  Similarly a hero or a heroine becomes famous when a movie gets success. It is like congratulating a passenger of a bus for reaching the destination in time and blaming when the journey is delayed because of a break down or an accident on the way that is not in the hands of the passenger.


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