Varna Movie Review

  • Film : Varna
  • Producer : Prasad V. Potluri
  • Director : Selvaraghavan
  • Star Cast : Arya, Anushka Shetty...
  • Music Director : Harris Jayaraj

Selva Raghavan’s dream project Varna looks like a dream to the audience also. Only difference is that we come out of a dream to wake up state and forget about the dream. But in the movie the dream continues. A lot of switching between the two worlds strains the mind of the audience. The moment audience is settled with one world, it is shifted to other.

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It comprises of two love stories in two different worlds enacted by the same pair. They are Madhu and Ramya in the world where we live and Mahendra and Varna in a fantasy world. Madhu was taken to the other world where he meets Mahendra and Varna. He of course comes back to his mother world but what he does in the two worlds is to be seen in the theater only although it is torturous.

Analysis :


The plot of the movie is about pure love between two lovers Anushka and Arya but it is not properly established. Characterization is weak and many weird characters are shown in the other world as it is director’s creative world in which creativity worked in low web.

Altogether the movie is a costly experiment with a lot of graphics to balance the screenplay that is very dull.

It seems that the director is impressed with the Hollywood movie Avatar and wanted to make a film like that but ended up in making a mockery of himself. Instead of enjoying the movie the audience will be trying to make out what is happening straining their mental faculties.

Performance :


The lead pair of Anushka and Arya acted well but it doesn’t register as the audience is confused in following the story of the movie. Selva Raghavan, Sri Raghava for Telugu people previously directed Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule with Venkatesh and Trisha. But he tried something different for the sake of it.

Songs are good, locales are good and graphics are good but the essence of the movie is senseless.

Final Word: Not a movie that can be listed in ‘Not to be missed movies’. You can create a better world in your dreams.