Apple iPhone to get Wireless Charging

September 16, 2016 14:51
Apple iPhone to get Wireless Charging

Apple is reportedly working on a new wireless technology in partnership with a technology company Energous to put wireless charging on its upcoming iPhones.

According to the reports, Apple is seeking to employ Energous WattUp technology in its upcoming iPhones, which would help charging the devices from a distance.

“Wireless is the future,” Apple CEO Tim Cook once said in an event. Though, Apple has not confirmed the reports yet, Energous in a statement to EE Timesclaimed that it had developed an agreement with “one of the top five consumers electronics companies.”

DTR Analysts Louis Basenese believes that out of technology companies like Apple, Samsung, HP, Microsoft, and Hitachi, Apple is the only company who meets all the criteria necessary to be the partner in question, reported Venture Beat.

However, this not the first time when Apple has been rumoured to work on wireless charging technology. In 2010, Apple filed a patent application outlining a technique in which iMac personal computer could be used as a hub for wireless recharging at a distance of about 1 meter using a technique called near-field magnetic resonance.

According to recent rumours, Apple is working to extend the range of wireless charging, as WattUp transmitters can charge device located up to 15 feet away.

Apple has already pushed its consumer into a wireless world by eliminating the standard headphone jack in its latest iPhones and new AirPods-wireless earbuds which works on Bluetooth. And now its future products will show to how longer Apple would be able to bet to create a wireless world.

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