Toyota to invest in self driving car technology

September 07, 2015 15:33
Toyota to invest in self driving car technology

Toyota is investing $50 million with Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in self driving car technology.

The investment will be made over the next five years at joint research centers located in Silicon Valley and another technology hub in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Putting a step further, robotics expert Gill Pratt was appointed by Toyota, to oversee the research that is aimed at developing the various innovations along with the artificial intelligence, which will enable the future cars to move on the road, without the human support.  

Responding on the issue, a Toyota executive, Kiyotaka Ise said, “We believe this research will transform the future of mobility, improving safety and reducing traffic congestion.”

By next decade, Toyota self driving cars on road

Toyota is aiming to bring these cars by the start of the next decade. Regarding this, the company is focusing on the developing technology, with which it can recognize, when to take over the steering when a driver is distracted. It even identifies the driver bad mood and accordingly plays a favorite song.   

If Toyota is backing self driving cars, Google backs robot cars

On the other side, big companies like Google and Uber are suggesting the automakers, to make robot cars, which will be better drivers than people and even accidents can be controlled.   

For the past six years, Google is already working on the self driving cars. By 2020, it is aiming to show perfect driving, without any flaws.
Along with the working on recognition technology, the Stanford research center is even going to create artificial intelligence programs, which can study the human behavior. This behavior helps in knowing more about the decision making and reasoning that goes into driving so cars can quickly adjust to potentially dangerous situations. The research will be led by Fei-Fei Li, director of the university's artificial intelligence laboratory.

By Phani Ch

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