The Five Things Men Do That Drive Women Away

October 25, 2017 17:59
The Five Things Men Do That Drive Women Away

The Five Things Men Do That Drive Women Away:- If you do not know the tricks of dating, getting somebody to like you can be a big task. When you are trying hard to impress the woman you have been crushing on, you need to be extra cautious. This applies to even when you have to keep your girlfriend happy. Several men try so hard that they end up messing up things. And there are even men who end up single, because of various annoying things they do.  

You need to reconsider some important things, if you have been wondering why women run away from you. May be you are not doing anything unintentionally, but there are such five things men do that drive women away from you. It even ends up hurting her.

So, it is better to take a note of these things that you should definitely avoid.

A) Taking Her For Granted

Taking Her For Granted

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The general signs of taking your girl for granted are forgetting important things that she told you or not considering her complains. For example, a big turn off for women could be if you promise to meet her but end up canceling it and you do it unapologetically. And this is eventually called taking her lightly.

Moreover, this could possibly be the biggest damage you can ever do to your relationship. Generally, women appreciate men who are caring, respectful and appreciate them.

B) Not Responding To Messages

Not Responding To Messages

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You like a woman and want her in your life, but you do not have the time even to respond to her messages. The chances of her reciprocating are little. She is bound to feel ignored, if you respond to her texts rarely. She will be mad at you, after a point, and she will just erase you from her life, after that.

Instead of that, take out some time to message her often in the day. This applies even when it is your girlfriend who is texting you. Keep in mind not to ignore her texts.

C) Flirting With Other Women

Flirting With Other Women

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Flirting with other women is something you should never do. You may call your flirting harmless, healthy or anything you want. For women, this is one of the biggest turnoffs. They would prefer to be single, rather than be with a man who gives every other woman unwanted attention.

Get rid of these habits, if you really like the girl and want to be with her. It is just as simple as that.  

D) Lying


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We are pretty sure that most of you hate lies in a relationship, whether you are a man or a woman. It has no place in your relationship, regardless of whether the lie you told was big or small. You should never lie about yourself to the woman, even if you are just in the impressing phase. Instead, of being bothered about the fear of being caught, you should bother about the fact that you are misleading her. Never lie to her, if you want her to stick with you for a long time.

E) Forgetting Dates

Forgetting Dates

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The smallest things of life are what most women love to celebrate. Every moment she spends with the man she loves will be remembered and cherished. She will let got once or twice but after a while, if you keep forgetting dates, but she might just not be okay with it, after a while. If you are casual about such small things, she is sure to run away from you.

Because she cherishes those days, just remember the important days

Avoid doing these things, now that you know what makes women ( be it your girlfriend or the girl you are crushing on) run away.


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