Why Is Cuddling The Best Thing For Your Relationship?

October 07, 2017 19:55
Why Is Cuddling The Best Thing For Your Relationship?

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Why Is Cuddling The Best Thing For Your Relationship?:- Couples often end up missing out on several important aspects of a relationship, in today’s hectic times. The intimacy is affected mainly due to the stress and deadlines. At least make it a habit to cuddle your partner every day, if you do not have the time for love making. You can also not ignore the power of a simple cuddle, while love making brings you both closer and has several benefits.

You can improve your relationship in so many ways than you can ever imagine, by just cuddling your partner.

Listed below are five such reasons why cuddling is the best thing for your relationship.

A) Cuddling Releases Feel Good Hormones

Cuddling Releases Feel Good Hormones

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Everything around you feels good, when you cuddle your partner. Because of a hormone called Oxytocin, you start looking at life and your relationship positively. You start being more kind to others.

B) Gets Rid Of Stress

Gets Rid Of Stress

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Just come back home to your partner and cuddle sitting on the couch, even when you have had a long day at work. It will not only make you feel calm and better but all your stress will be gone in no time. You feel more thankful towards your partner.

C) Improves Your Immune System

Improves Your Immune System

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Apart from being a feel good hormone, Oxytocin also helps in improving your immunity. When there is physical touch with your partner, your body will be able fight infections or illness better. Cuddling helps you to stay healthy and fall sick less often.

D) Strengthens Your Relationship

Strengthens Your Relationship

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The general advice you get is, the key to a good relationship, is communication. However, people forget that intimacy also plays a very vital role. Intimacy, that includes cuddling bring two people in love closer. A certain sense of faith and reliability is build and your relationship strengthens.

E) Cuddling Also Improves Your Sex Life

Cuddling Also Improves Your Sex Life

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In a relationship, your intimacy also improves when there is cuddling often. Your sex life improves and everything makes better by just the warmth of touch.

F) You Get Better Sleep

You Get Better Sleep

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Oxytocin that is released in your body will help both of you to relax and calm down, when you are cuddling. All your anxiety will be overcome and that will give you a good night’s sleep.

G) Reduces Social Anxiety

Reduces Social Anxiety

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Your positive thinking is inspired by the Oxytocin. It helps you have an optimistic outlook on the world. This implies that you are going to feel happier and more social going in, when you get a hug right as you arrive at the party where you only know one person. You will feel like you can charm everyone at the party.


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