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    Work life balance for a peaceful life... 01 November 2012

    There are countless books and talk shows that are dedicated to the subject of work or life balance. We are told that we need to achieve this balance, otherwise our lives will be, well, unbalanced. Instead of viewing "balance" as...

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    your work life will be better, your work life will be better, secrecy at work place for your better life, Work life

    Secrecy at work place for your better life... 13 June 2012

    Of course, we are street smart, but our boss is smarter to capture what are we as a person and how far our personality trait would prove to maintain peace in the work place... in this regard, many bosses want...

    Keywords: your work life will be better, street smart, boss is smarter to capture,

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    retirement tips, Retirement, 5 tips for living a comfortable retirement, Work life

    5 Tips for Living a Comfortable Retirement 01 November 2018

    5 Tips for Living a Comfortable Retirement:- Retirement is going to roll around earlier than you believe, and if you have not put any thought into it, then it might be time to start. Gearing up for retirement early on...

    Keywords: peaceful retirement tips, life, work, work life

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    house hold chores, organize the weekend, busy is as busy does organize it, Work life

    Busy is as busy does. Organize it. 06 July 2013

    Busy ladies never seems to complete the chores on the list. The weekend comes and the weekend goes. And so does the free time. To have more 'me' time your hands, take these useful pointers to onganize the weekend. Get...

    Keywords: walk in the park, house hold chores, Lifestyle, organize the weekend

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    your lifestyle, real perspective of other person, delete miss in communication, Work life

    Delete ‘miss’ in communication! 20 February 2012

    Most frequently, be your work life or even your personal life, it gets screwed up when we fail to understand the real perspective of the other person. And the result is that miss communication that is a cause of all...

    Keywords: Ownership Of Responsibilities, your work life, real perspective of other person, Delete the miss communication

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