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    Let’s talk about Psoriasis! 29 October 2011

    As soon as I got up and was browsing through the paper today, I found this article on Psoriasis disease that talked about the types and symptoms of Psoriasis and stated that it is a chronic disease. No doubt Psoriasis...

    Keywords: Psoriasis disease, tips for skin, womenwishesh., womenwishesh.

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Andhra, are you a commitment phobic, Womenwishesh

    Are you a Commitment Phobic? 31 August 2011

    ‘I am not ready for marriage. This for sure does not mean I am not interested in guys neither in having a romantic partner, but I am not ready for marriage. I am okay with dating, live – in relationships,...

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    tips, andhrawishesh, watch out we might be the next, Womenwishesh

    Watch out, we might be the next? 29 October 2011

    The recent survey done on the Crime Rate different States, tells that Andhra Pradesh is competing with others like Delhi and Orissa in order to break the numbers and be No.1 in crime rate. And this surely indicates, it is...

    Keywords: mackup tips, sleeping tips, tips for relax womenwishesh, dressing tips

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    tips for commonsense, women commonsense, is it so hard to sense common, Womenwishesh

    Is it so hard to Sense Common? 04 November 2011

    Wow! Good yaar. Looks like round the clock, 365 days, every day there would be important for some or the other. After celebrating ‘House Wives day’ yesterday, it seems today is ‘Use Your Commonsense’ day. I was almost shocked to...

    Keywords: womenwishesh, tips for commonsense, womenwishesh, use your commonsense

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    womenwishesh, women co-workers, nagging co workers, Womenwishesh

    Nagging Co – Workers? 01 November 2011

    While to talk and abuse our Boss all the time? For a change and to view the situations from the other perspective, let us talk about Nagging Colleagues. They appear to be normal, but make you experience what life means...

    Keywords: women tips, tips for skin, women co-workers, andhrawishesh

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