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  • life, life king size, live life king size, Unconditional love

    Live Life King Size 08 August 2012

    Man/woman is a social animal and love plays a key role in making his/her life sail smooth. A pinch of affection that you shower on the depressed has the power to pull them out of the monotony. "The hunger for...

    Keywords: life, how to be happy, how to be happy, unconditional love

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    caring, caring, what man expects from a woman, Unconditional love

    What man expects from a woman? 07 June 2012

    Are you a teenage girl or a young woman who just wants to impress the boy next door or your fiancee to the core? Well, here are some quick tips that might help you out! Don't take the lead: A...

    Keywords: caring, what man expects from a woman, caring, caring

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    unconditional love, relationship to survive, parasite or pain for life, Unconditional love

    ‘Parasite’ or ‘Pain’ for life? 23 December 2011

    At least in practicality love is not just about giving all the time. For any kind of relationship to survive or last long, the give and take of time, love, affection and sometimes even money has to be 100% from...

    Keywords: unconditional love, run away from responsibility, reality in scenarios, run away from responsibility

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    understanding in relationship, love tips, understanding your partner, Unconditional love

    Understanding your partner 23 November 2012

    Is it true that as years pass, the love in a relationship fades? Some say yes while some no...Well, to be frank, bonding needs to become strong as per general principle but why is that people are moving far away...

    Keywords: understanding in relationship, unconditional love in relationship, understanding in relationship, how to love

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    love videos, love videos, unconditional love between kids is adorable, Unconditional love

    Unconditional love between kids is adorable 23 March 2016

    If you can really feel, it is the unconditional love, that too without even opening mouth, but showing immense of love from the gesture, is what matters a lot. Here is one such incident where two school children of the...

    Keywords: love videos, love videos, viral videos, love videos

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