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    Mahesh Babu's More Public Appearances 27 November 2013

    There is a good change in the movements of Mahesh Babu off late. The Super Star who used to avoid private functions and public appearance is seen nowadays coming out and mixing with the people of the same profession. Security...

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    Bhimavaram Bullodu At Bhimavaram 23 December 2013

    'Bhimavaram Bullodu' movie audio function was held on Sunday.  Sunil and Asther played lead roles in the movie 'Bhimavaram Bullodu'.  Sunil said on the occasion that Bhimavaram is Andhra America.  The movie is directed by Udaya Shankar who previously directed...

    Keywords: Director Udaya Shankar, Bhimavaram, Tollywood, Tollywood

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    people's power movement, tribute, noted tamil writer and social activist m s udayamurthy passes away, Udaya tv

    Noted Tamil writer and social activist “M.S. Udayamurthy” passes away! 21 January 2013

    Noted Tamil writer and social activist "M.S. Udayamurthy" died on Monday following cardiac arrest at the age of 85 years. He was an author of several books on self-improvement, Udayamurthy's prominent works include Ennangal (thoughts) Unnal Mudiyum Thambi (You can,...

    Keywords: M.S. Udayamurthy, M.S. Udayamurthy, noted tamil writer, tribute

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    akhil akkineni nagarjuna, greeku veerudu audio nag akhil, akhil akkineni whistles in fultoo mass style, Udaya tv

    Akhil Akkineni whistles in fultoo mass style! 04 April 2013

    Akhil Akkineni seems to be like a class hero, as he's son of our southern king Nagarjuna, but he's got all those elements to appeal the public at large. To put in a nutshell, Akhil Akkineni has mass hero qualities...

    Keywords: greeku veerudu audio nag akhil, greeku veerudu audio nag akhil, udaya bhanu nagarjuna, nagarjuna akhil new movie

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    Mahesh Babu at Aadu Magadura Bujji Audio Launch, Aadu Magadura Bujji movie, mahesh babu family gaining strength, Udaya tv

    Mahesh Babu Family Gaining Strength 28 November 2013

    Super Star Mahesh Babu was alone till now as his father Krishna and brother Naresh have retired from film industry long back. But like Mega family, Akkineni family and Manchu family Mahesh family is also gaining strength in the Telugu...

    Keywords: Aadu Magadura Bujji movie, Aadu Magadura Bujji movie, Actor Mahesh Babu, Actor Posani Sudheer Babu

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    Archana as prostitute 01 June 2013

    Film actress Archana is playing the role of a prostitute in the upcoming film.  Title of the film is "Kamalatho Na Prayanam" in which Shivaji is playing the lead role.   The movie under the direction of Narasimha Nandi is...

    Keywords: Movie "Kamalatho Na Prayanam", Heroine Archana, Baladitya, Archana as prostitute

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    Hrudaya Kaleyam Telugu Movie Wallpapers, , hrudaya kaleyam telugu movie review, Udaya tv

    Hrudaya Kaleyam Telugu Movie Review 04 April 2014

    Film : Hrudaya Kaleyam Producer : Sai Rajesh Neelam Director : Steven Sankar Star Cast : Sampoornesh Babu, Kavya Kumar, Ishika Singh... Music Director : Rk, Srikanth Pendyala Rating: 3/5 From nowhere, Hrudaya Kaaleyam and its hero Sampoornesh Babu became...

    Keywords: Hrudaya Kaleyam Telugu Movie Release Date, Directed by Steven Sankar, Hrudaya Kaleyam Telugu Movie Review, Sampoornesh Babu Hrudaya Kaleyam Movie Review

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    nagarjuna new movie, nagarjuna audio function, i live life king size nagarjuna, Udaya tv

    I live life king size: Nagarjuna 04 April 2013

    Akkineni Nagarjuna, who was all in smiles yesterday over the launch of his upcoming film Greeku Veerudu, has said that he would never retire. He even said that Naga Chaitanya might retire from films but he had no plans to...

    Keywords: nagarjuna greeku veerudu, nagarjuna greeku veerudu, nagarjuna udaya bhanu hug, greeku veerudu nagarjuna

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    Telugu Movie news, Producer Kadiam Ramesh, udaya bhanu s madhumati in trouble, Udaya tv

    Udaya Bhanu's Madhumati In Trouble 13 December 2013

    Madhumati movie in which Udaya Bhanu played the key title role is in problem because of her! The actress known for her short temper faced problems in TV shows also while anchoring.  She did not attend the promos of the...

    Keywords: Madhumati Movie In Trouble, Udaya Bhanu's Madhumati In Trouble, Film News, Udaya Bhanu's Madhumati In Trouble

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    Sampoornesh Babu in Kobbari Matta, Sampoornesh babu, sampoo to romance seven heroines, Udaya tv

    Sampoo to romance seven heroines 10 April 2014

    With Hrudaya Kaleyam [HK] success Burning star Sampoornesh Babu has kick started his second project 'Kobbari Matta'. The first look of the flick was released on HK release day which went viral in the net. Our Sampoo will be seen...

    Keywords: Sampoo, Hrudaya Kaleyam success, Kobbari Matta, Tollywood news

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    udayam 4 yaara ivan, ar rahman nephew marriage, schoolmates to turn into soul mates prakash weds saindavi, Udaya tv

    Schoolmates to turn into soul mates, Prakash weds Saindavi 19 April 2013

    Love is something that always amazing, in the words of all those doting in this unexplainable emotion. And when such abstract thing takes place between people of the same field, the news obviously is exciting not just to people close...

    Keywords: udayam 4 yaara ivan, mayor ramanatham chettair, ar rahman nephew marriage, yaara ivan

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    sampoornesh babu, z 24 hrs, who is this new internet sensation sampoornesh babu, Udaya tv

    Who is this new internet sensation Sampoornesh Babu? 24 May 2013

    Fondly known as Sampu, or so he claims, Sampoornesh Babu is today an internet sensation on Facebook and Twitter. He is so popular that popular Tollywood stars are keeping a watch over him. Heroes face immediate threat with his entry...

    Keywords: hrudaya kaleyam, hrudaya kaleyam, hrudaya kaleyam teaser, z 24 hrs

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    tollywood news, call girl Madhumati, madhumati hits screens on december 13, Udaya tv

    Madhumati Hits screens on December 13 11 December 2013

    Movie Madhumati in which Udaya Bhanu played the title role is going to hit the screens on December 13. The story of the movie revolves around a call girl Madhumati. Uday Bhanu who started her film career with Erra Sainyam...

    Keywords: Celebrity news, Madhumathi Telugu Movie, Director Raj Shreedhar, Producer Kadiyam Ramesh

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    Hrudaya Kaleyam, Singham123, own website for sampoo, Udaya tv

    Own website for Sampoo 14 April 2015

    Sampoornesh Babu. He might be the only actor in the Indian film industry who managed to attain the stardom in no time. Social networking sites promoted him with a different intention and that intention made the audience curious of knowing...

    Keywords: Hrudaya Kaleyam, Singham123, Sampoo, Hrudaya Kaleyam

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    Madhumati Telugu Movie Talk, Madhumati Telugu Movie Talk, what can you expect from madhumati public talk, Udaya tv

    What Can You Expect From Madhumati- Public Talk 14 December 2013

    The title role of Udaya Bhanu in Madhumati is a much awaited chance she got after 10 years.  Some talents do not get the deserved break to reach heights. Udaya Bhanu is one of them. She has beauty, style and...

    Keywords: Madhumati Telugu Movie Talk, Actress Udaya Bhanu, Tollywood news, Actress Udaya Bhanu

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    Bheemavaram Bullodu movie, Bheemavaram Bullodu Movie First Look Photos, first look of sunil s bheemavaram bullodu, Udaya tv

    First Look of Sunil's Bheemavaram Bullodu 03 December 2013

    First Look of Sunil starrer "Bheemavaram Bullodu" is released today. The movie is directed by Udaya Sankar who previously directed "Kalisundam Ra" and "Baladoor". Suresh Productions released the first look of Bheemavaram Bullodu on the occasion of the production unit’s completion...

    Keywords: Suresh Babu, First Look of Sunil's Bheemavaram Bullodu, Suresh Babu, Sunil's Bheemavaram Bullodu Movie First Look

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    Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Pawan Kalyan Janasena party, the other side of pawan kalyan, Udaya tv

    The other side of Pawan Kalyan 27 May 2014

    Generally, we make our own assumptions on others whom we hardly knew. They may be good or bad but some times, our expectations will come true in certain circumstance and they even turn tables.  Our internal behavior is hardly visible...

    Keywords: Hrudaya Foundation member Jayadev, Pawan Kalyan politics, Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Power Star Pawan Kalyan

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    Director Raaj Shreedha, Cinema Reviews, madhumati telugu movie review, Udaya tv

    Madhumati Telugu Movie Review 13 December 2013

    Film : Madhumati Producer : Kadiyam Ramesh, K. Ranishreedhar Director : Raaj Shreedhar Star Cast : Udaya Bhanu, Vishnu Priyan, Seeta... Music Director : Raj Kiran Rating: 0.5/5 Madhumati is a movie that gave a chance to Udaya Bhanu to...

    Keywords: Udaya Bhanu Madhumati Movie Review, Madhumati Movie Wallpapers, Madhumati Telugu Movie Review, Cinema Reviews

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    nagarjuna greeku veerudu, nagarjuna greeku veerudu, nagarjuna embraces udaya bhanu, Udaya tv

    Nagarjuna embraces Udaya Bhanu 04 April 2013

    Getting a hug from Tollywood's Greeku Veerudu is apparently any heroine's dream. And what if that Manmadhudu all of sudden gives a treat to an average anchor in the form a hug? The lucky woman in news is the same...

    Keywords: greeku veerudu nagarjuna hug, greeku veerudu nagarjuna hug, nagarjuna greeku veerudu, greeku veerudu audio launch nagarjuna hug

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    Sunitha news, Sunitha news, singer sunitha responds about udaya bhanu s controversy, Udaya tv

    Singer Sunitha responds about Udaya Bhanu’s controversy 20 October 2016

    Anchor Udaya Bhanu has always been straightforward with her acts and during her recent interview, she made some strong comments on a singer however she hesitated to mention her name. She said “I have been to USA recently and during...

    Keywords: Sunitha news, Sunitha, Udaya Bhanu, Udaya Bhanu

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